The FCE & CAE Diaries – Autumn Session 2015

We have askedcambridge english our FCE & CAE classes to document their experiences during Tti’s 8 week Autumn Cambridge preparation course. Here’s what they have to say so far! 


FCE Diary #1

We are only 4 students in the FCE course. The course is in the new building in Kentish Town and I like this new building because it’s very quiet and we can concentrate fully on the exam. Helena and Maryam are very good teachers and very funny.

This week we learned the difference between situations and habits , writing an email , we had a few listenings, studied the difference between comparatives and superlatives , correcting some mistakes in the sentences adjectives with the noun collocations , discussed a text with another student and how to proceed with tasks. 

Personally , I think the expert strategy box are very useful! And for me it’s very important to speak and discuss with the other students. This week was very good and new for me. I hope to improve my English more and more in the speaking part.

Sheril – Switzerland 

CAE Diary #1 

Hi I’m Lucas one of the 3 students from the CAE course. Yes you heard me right – such a small class offers a great learning atmosphere and I enjoyed my first week a lot. During the whole week my classmates ( Fabian , Lina ) and I have discussed various topics seriously but we also laughed a lot. Especially when we were in a competition every one was very focused and concentrated. Another important aspect in every course is the teacher or in this case our teachers – Maryam and Helena . I had the pleasure to be taught by both one whole week before the CAE course began. Maryam and Helena are two very good teachers which is not only based on their knowledge but rather because of their friendly personality. Additionally, both of them are very funny and supportive. They always motive us and try to improve every part of our English. Maryam and Helena are always calm and create a relaxed atmosphere which site main reason why I enjoy this course so much.

However, now let’s move on to the opposite of relaxing : handwork and learning. This  is the other part of our course . Our course works with the Advanced Expert course book. In the first week we have been looking at chapter one of the book which deals with the topic of success. We worked on collocations, phrasal verbs , mixed verb forms like present and past simple per fact and continuous.  These expressions refer to one part of our final exam called Reading and Use of English. Furthermore we have been working on writing letters and listening which are also part of our exam.

All in all a perfect start to the course!

Lucas – Germany


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