FCE Exam Student Diary-2016

This week Hiroki from Japan writes the diary entry about what the FCE exam students have been to up to in class. As you will see it is not all study, study, study!


Hello everyone,

This week in my FCE exam preparation class I took the first mock exam. It was too hard for me but I feel less nervous now that I have been through the whole exam!

This week we looked at writing formal letters which was very useful not only for the FCE exam but also for life outside the classroom.It was the Tti Halloween Party on Thursday so we didn’t have a lot of homework that night so we war able to celebrate together! It was great fun and we all got dressed up in fancy dress costumes.

The grammar this week was really useful for me. We looked at articles, adjectives and adverbs! We don’t have articles in Japanese so this is quite a challenge for me.

I am really enjoying the course especially as I have many chatty classmates so we speak a lot!

Thanks for contributing to our blog Hiroki!

For more details about the exam courses at Tti please check our website www.ttischool.com

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