How do you feel after eight weeks of an Exam Preparation Course?

Here at Tti, we are very sad to say goodbye to our Winter 2018 Exam Preparation (CAE/FCE) classes. It has been a challenging journey for our students, but they have prevailed. So how do our little champions feel at the end of their eight-week intensive course?


FCE Course Students


“I feel that the course is complete and very intensive. I was prepared to study, that’s actually why I took an eight-week course. I am satisfied and happy eventually. I will do my exam with a relaxed feeling because I have improved my grammar a lot, as well as my writing and listening skills. I think this course is for anyone who wants improve their English skills but they should prepare themselves to study a lot and come every day at lessons.”


“The course met my expectations in terms of the way the classes were taught, and also in the material that we have used, I think it is useful for the FCE exam because it is similar. I’ve improved my speaking which I found difficult to do in Spain. I really like learning this way, and how we can speak with each other while we are doing the class.”


“When I arrived in London, it was very difficult for me to speak English, almost impossible. Nowadays, I am really happy because I can have a real and good conversation. I think it’s the best to be with a small group of only 5-6 students. I think everyone will find this course useful.”


“I learned to feel more comfortable when I’m speaking. Also about specific topics. Although I also learned to read and understand. I think I improved a lot. I learned how to use expressions and pronouns. My writing has improved a little bit and also my use of English (grammar). And the best thing is I understand what I am reading. Even though it was really intensive we always did different things. We started to read something and the next part of the lesson was speaking etc. I really enjoyed it.”



CAE Course Students


“The course helped me improve the things I wanted to improve. It was always fun and funny with the teachers and the other classmates, I had fun doing the exercises and I learned a lot. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their English in all areas. Thinking about the highlights for me every day was a highlight.”


“This was more intensive than the general class, I feel like I know so much now. There was a lot of work but the time passed quickly. I liked it a lot and I’m not taking the exam so I will do the course again I think to improve more and more.”

If you want to find out more about our FCE and CAE courses starting 16th April, click on the link below: FCE and CAE Exam Preparation 

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