What is it like to be an intern in London?

Our student Giorgio is living his dream with our Professional Internship programme. Find out what he has to tell you about his time in the classroom and working for a highly regarded firm of architects here in London.

Hi world,
I’m Giorgio, a 25 year old Italian.
Since childhood, I had always dreamed about living here in London. So in 2015, right after getting my degree in architecture, I got in touch with Tti School of English asking them to help me make this dream come true. Now, one year and half after, I’m in my third week of an amazing internship experience working for an architectural firm, here in London. First I took a one month intensive General English course at Tti before my internship started. That month was very useful  because it prepared me in terms of language. I feel confident in my English thanks to the great Tti teachers, but most importantly, this month spent studying at Tti helped me by having an interesting social program and an always pleasant atmosphere at the school. I feel this prepared me to become part of this messy and gorgeous cosmopolitan society called London.
And now I am living my dream, working for an important firm of architects that cooperates with public and private costumers from all over the world. I want to be honest: it takes a lot of effort, because it’s not easy to be in a totally different country working in a totally different way, you have to learn quickly and be observant to whatever you’re doing. So  my advice is : work hard and never give up . This internship is one of the best experiences that a person can do, not just in terms of professional skills but also as a path to serious personal growth. So definitely guys, TAKE THE Tti INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME!
Want more information about Tti School of English and our Internship Programmes then check out our website: www.ttischool.com or email: info@ttischool.com

One thought on “What is it like to be an intern in London?

  1. Though non-EU international students are normally not allowed to participate in work experiences, will exceptions be made with students who hold YMS Tier 5 visas?

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