Goodbye from Paola, our student, coffee bar monitor and intern!

Hey guys,

I have decided to write another blog. It will be the last one but I really want to write something down quickly before I leave. I have lived in London from September 2012 to December 2015 and during this beautiful experience Tti has been part of my English life.

Well, Tti was the first place where I met beautiful friends and had wonderful times. When I first sat in my Pre Intermediate class I was so scared as I was not able to speak English that much. Marianne was my first English teacher and I have loved her since the first time! Day by day I started to improve my English and I understood that in life we need to try, mistakes are our strength! I had different teachers, I changed my class and met new people. I started to have a good relathionship with all Tti staff and I enjoyed my life in London because I knew I was in a nice environment. I also had bad moments too and I will never forget myself crying with Mel in the toilet while she was trying to comfort me with Italian words.

Goodbye Paola!

I was a coffee bar monitor as well and then I had the opportunity to work as an intern in the office. It was a beautiful experience, thank you for teaching me what the word TEAM means! Then it was time to go back sitting on a table in a Tti classroom. It was a hard time,  and difficult exam but I was stronger than before.

These years with Tti have been a wonderful experience and I will always keep everything and everyone in my heart.

Now it is time to go back where I belong.

Thank you everyone,

See you soon!



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