Goodbye London!

Nancy’s final blog for us! Yes, after six months it is time for Nancy to go home! We are so sad to see her go. Read her last blog here……..

After six months I have to say goodbye and that’s really sad for me! I would also like to THANK the whole Tti Team with this blog!

My family and friends told me that six months will go by quickly but I couldn’t imagine that it would be THAT fast! I have spent half a year in London and at the amazing Tti School of English in Camden and while working as an Intern.


I have done a lot of wonderful things here. I have been able to support the whole Tti Team in the office, I was able to join the social programme, as well as joining the evening course and the Tti Parties and Friday’s after work drinks!

I felt totally part of the Tti Team. And I was not only able to improve my English skills but also my knwoledge about Great Britian and my office skills. I also had the amazing experience of living abroad and meeting a lot of wonderful people from the whole world. On the weekends I’ve seen and travelled a lot with them. Tti connects people from the whole world and that’s why I loved it here so much. I am going to visit a friend from Italy this August, for example. She was a student at Tti and that’s how we know each other. Everyone told me at the beginning I’ll have a good and nice time and that the school is nice, but the school is much more than that! You can see that from the feedback that the school receives on a weekly basis from the students that are leaving.Tti has a very high recommendation rate (most of the time about 100%).

It was a breathtaking time here for me and that’s not overstated.

I couldn’t have imagined that I would meet the most wonderful colleagues I’ve ever had. This working atmosphere is absolutly brilliant. Every single person is so warmhearted, beautiful from outside and inside, humouros, clever, helpful and very strong! I could feel the strong #TtiSpirit quite early on in my stay but since Monday 17/07/2017 that’s spirt has been absolutely clear! The Tti Team is a real team and you can really feel it. If you’re a a student at Tti or if you would like to study here, you’ll have a great time. I promise!!

Thank you so much to Sian (Principal), Lucy (Vice-Principal), Maryam (Senior-Teacher), Ophelia (Senior-Registrar), Gonzalo (Administration Assistant), Louisa (our new intern) and of course the Directors Bridie and Guy, whitout them the school wouldn’t exsist, for six brilliant months!!! I would also like to thank Viv (former Principal), Ligia and Angela (ex-staff members) because I had a wonderful time with every single person and last but not least, thank you also to all the lovely students because what would be the school without our lovely students?

New team

Angela's B-DayImage 6



Nancy! We will miss you more. Thank you for your amazing contribution and dedication not only to the blog but to the school and all your tasks! You have been a wonderful intern. For more information about our school please visit our website

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