World Goth Day 2017

Hello everyone! Ophelia here, coming to you with a blog about something that quite represents Camden: alternative culture. Most specifically ,the goth urban tribe. And as this week, it is World Goth Day 2017!

I was surprised to find myself nominated to write such a blog by my colleagues, because I do not consider myself a goth…but I suppose the fact that I listen to Depeche Mode and The Cure combined with the prevalence of black in my wardbrobe, it would seem that the evidence is stacked up against me.

Since opening in the 1970s, Camden Market has been both a home for alternative culture and a thriving tourist destination.  I remember when I first moved to London, I was exhilarated to find places like the Electric Ballroom or The Underworld, places where they would play the music that I loved and where I could hang out with like minded people.


Even today there are places that cater to the tastes of these beautiful people . I am by no means an expert in the different goth subdivisions , but stores such as The Gypsy Rose and Cyberdog (both in Camden Stables market) are full of amazing and crazy fashions and accessories for those of you who enjoy the woks of Edgar Allan Poe . Also the Devonshire Arms pub is legendary as a destination for punks, metalhead and goths. That is the beauty of Camden, it is a safe heaven for everyone who wishes to express themselves and stand out from the crowd.  Here at Tti we embrace what makes Camden unique, vibrant and beautiful…. come visit us!


 Thanks Ophe for this great blog! Happy World Goth Day! For more information about our school please visit our website

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