What happened on Tti’s Cambridge Exam Preparation courses this week? Our students fill us in!

Reina and Sophie talk about their Cambridge Exam Preparation courses here at Tti! 

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Reina – FCE student from Italy 


I’m Reina, I’m 22 and I’m from Italy. I’m a student of Tti on a  long term course and before I started FCE course I did three months of General English course. When I moved from General English to the FCE class, there was a big difference. The first week was hard, a lot of grammar and new vocabulary to study but at the same time, thanks to our teacher, the lessons are enjoyable and you can have moments of fun.

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I like my teachers, every day they can give you a lot of motivation and in particular I’m very happy to have Helena. She was my first teacher in general English and now she will be also the last of my course of studying at Tti.

Last week we did our first mock test and this week the teachers brought us the results. In general they weren’t so bad but the same time we realised that everyone has had a difficult time with the Use of English and Writing . During this week we have worked a lot on the Use of English and Writing and I think in one week we have done improvements. Moreover, we had a tutorial with the teachers to speak about how to improve the parts of the exam where we had the most difficulty and for example they advised us to buy a book of vocabulary and grammar with which we can use to practise doing specific exercises. I need to study much harder but fortunately I’m feeling better with FCE course and I’m more relaxed than the first week.

Of course there isn’t only hard work! Thursday night we had our spring party where teachers and students can stay and drink all together. For me it was the second party and as the first where I went it was amazing. We had a lot of fun all together!

Anyway, London is perfect if you want to do a new experience and improve your english you can enjoy it. You have the possibility to meet a lot of people from all over the world and it’s fantastic.

Sophie – CAE student from Netherland

Hi! Sophie here!

So I have been in London for almost a month now and so far it is truly amazing. The time flies by.

Right now, I’m used to the way of living here. You go to school with the tube or the bus and maybe you will do something after school with some friends.

Last Thursday, there was a party organised by the school. It was located in a club called “Proud Camden” It was a lot of fun to go there with a lot of people from school. There weren’t only students but also teachers, which was really great because it’s nice to see them outside of school too.

The social activities are a lot of fun too. It’s a great way to make friends. Every Monday we got to a museum with a small group of people. Last time we went to the National Gallery. It was beautiful!

So until now everything is great!


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