Part 2 of our Special Valentine’s day blog – Valentine’s day traditions in Japan!

We asked our Japanese student , Tsugumi, to talk about how they celebrate

Valentine’s day in Japan! Here are her thoughts!

Valentines Day‘s here!!

Are u excited to cerebrate the day or would you like to forget this day??? Have you given cards, flowers and other gifts to your special people?? In the UK, other European countries and the USA, People celebrate on the day with their partners…

Where does Valentine’s day come from??
It comes from Rome.  The festival which is called Lupercalia and is associated with Love spread across Roman Empire.  It became a day of memorial for St Valentine.
Nowadays, The Valentine’s Day is still celebrated.
What we do in the UK??
Many couples plan to eat out in romantic restaurants and show love with giving presents. Traditionally, men give flowers to their partners.

Well, do all people celebrate like in the UK??
Especially, Japan 
WOMEN give CHOCOLATE to their partners or someone whom they fancy…."</p
They started to celebrate in the late 1970s.
It is said that a Japanese chocolate factory advertised “Let’s give chocolate as a gift to your lover.” They proposed this slogan to increase their profit…
What Japanese girls do?  It is quite common that they give home made chocolates to the boys they fancy. Some people say “I like you or love you” when they give it. So, before valentine’s day, many girls are excited to express their love!! Such a lucky boy!!  How lucky they are !It’s the same between married couple.It is the SWEET chocolate valentine’s dayIf you have colleagues, you must give some chocolate to them. You can see lots of advertisement of chocolate factories in this season in Japan. Also, there are many chocolate recipes for the day on the internet!If you are popular in school, you get many chocolates! I’ve given chocolates to my lover almost every year… Sometimes I succeeded! lollWhat’s the recent change??Nowadays, It is popular to give chocolate to friends as well. Chocolate business is increasing more and more…Girls are incredibly busy before valentine’s dayDo boys in Japan do something??

Yes, they do.  Most of them who get chocolate present give after 1 month a gift to their girls.  They call the 14th of March “White Day”

It depends on a boy what they give but basically, sweets, chocolate and cakes so on

Which kind of Valentine’s Day do you prefer??

If you are boys, you may prefer Japanese valentine’s day…**

Thank you for reading*

I wish you a lovely Valentine’s day!!

Tsugumi is currently a coffee bar monitor and student at Tti . She is studying on a General English 20 course ! To find out more about our courses please visit

Thank you Tsugumi! :)

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