How the Tti Team will be celebrating Christmas!

So the big day is almost here and as you might already know we love celebrating Christmas here at Tti and take it very seriously. We run a Christmas Course, have at least two Christmas parties, open our beautiful advent calendar every day and eat a lot of chocolate! However, we are closed for a few days and most of the staff take some holiday. Read on to find out how the team will be celebrating Christmas this year!


Sally, our lovely Senior teacher will be having a very British Christmas.

“Christmas this year will be spent with my boyfriend’s family in the countryside in Kent as we alternate each year. After teaching the Christmas course on Christmas Eve (24th), I will get the train down and get settled for the festivities! On Christmas Day we wake up to our Christmas stockings from Santa and open up the little gifts found in them. Then, we spend the day enjoying each other’s company with the whole family. We exchange gifts from under the tree and then for the best bit: the Christmas Feast. This consists of a massive roast dinner with all the trimmings cooked by Granny. We drink and be merry until we all end up napping on the sofa. Then, on Boxing Day, we go for a country walk to burn off at least some of the Christmas calories before eating leftovers traditionally prepared as “bubble and squeak” (google it!). To finish off Boxing Day, grandad traditionally lights an alcohol-fuelled Christmas pudding and we all sing “we wish you a Merry Christmas” to it. Normal British Christmas stuff!”


Marianne, our Director of Studies will be in the UK for Christmas but shortly afterwards she will be jetting off to the sunshine in Brazil!

“Unlike many people, the Christmas holidays are always different for me. My family is not in the UK, so sometimes I travel to spend Christmas with them in sunny Brazil – but not every year because I prefer to travel there in February or March. Many of my friends spend Christmas away from their families too, so sometimes we gather on one of our friend’s houses and have a big celebration with lots of food – everyone brings a dish and everybody eats too much. This year I’ll be spending Christmas with my boyfriend’s family and they have a very traditional British Christmas – turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas crackers, paper hats and all that. Last year I also had a very different but very rewarding Christmas – I spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day volunteering at a homeless centre with Crisis. It is something that I intend to do it again as much as possible. It feels good to do something really positive and that makes a difference (instead of over eating and over drinking and over spending). Interested? Click on this blog post where I tell you how you can make a difference too this Christmas!”

Ophe is spending Christmas in a low key way! Just relaxing. Ophe says “For the past 10 years I have spent Christmas by myself, since all my family is in Argentina and it is too expensive to fly over there at that time of the year. But this year will be a bit different, since I will be spending it with my boyfriend and my housemate’s dog, whom I will be dog sitting”

And Mattia who is from Switzerland explains, “In the Italian part of Switzerland, we usually follow the Italian culture of eating a lot! We usually spend the days before Christmas cooking and preparing food with our family, baking cookies and biscuits, and when possible we go skiing!” Sounds excellent Mattia!

Sian, our Principal, like Sally will be celebrating a very traditional British Christmas. She explains: “I’ll be spending Christmas with my family in North Wales. We will be eating all the traditional dishes. This means I will be roasting a turkey with potatoes and parsnips all served with carrots, Brussels sprouts and gravy. I will also make bread sauce, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets. Traditional bread sauce is one of the great, classic British sauces, which I love. Cranberry Sauce, I am not so keen on but this is a tradition that the British took from America along with turkey! Pigs in blankets are simply small pork sausages wrapped in bacon. For dessert, I will serve traditional Christmas Pudding with brandy butter, that I will make myself! This is a very rich and heavy pudding that not everybody likes very much so I will need to think of an alternative to offer alongside it! There will be a cheese course too and plenty of wine, champagne and port to drink! Wow! That’s a lot of food! We’ll need a walk on the beach after that!”

The Bird - 2007

The Tti Team wishes you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas! We look forward to welcoming you to Tti in 2020!

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