How to Celebrate Bonfire Night Like a Brit!

Bonfire Night celebrations are not complete without some typical food. Julia our Senior Teacher and successful food blogger gives us some great ideas!

Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night, as it is lovingly known round here, is not a holiday well-known outside of Britain yet it is a fun one! That is why you should definitely take part in festivities while visiting London!!

As the name suggests Bonfire night involves a bonfire or fireworks, which are always loads of fun as long as you’ve got plenty of grub to keep you warm and your bellies full and happy on a chilly November night.

So let’s start with drinks!

I would highly recommend hot chocolate! It’s delicious and easy to make and it will keep you toasty while watching amazing fireworks or your friends dancing around the bonfire! Find the recipe on Vikalinka


For a tasty, portable snack don’t forget to grab some sausage rolls available in all supermarkets or make your own if you so desire! Find the recipe here.


Another British favourite is a jacket potato with a myriad of toppings! Easy, quick, affordable…YUM! Learn how to make them here!


Or a hearty soup, stew or a chilli!


And finally for something sweet…Finish the night with these perfectly autumnal apple turnovers from Supergolden Bakes. Aren’t they gorgeous!!


Enjoy the night and stay safe!! Happy Bonfire Night!


Thanks to Julia for her contribution to our blog. Why not check out Julia’s food blog for some great recipe suggestions?

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