Improve your English by watching Netflix!

If you are an English language student then you do not need to feel guilty about binge-watching Netflix series! Watching TV is a great way to improve your English. Improve your listening skills and learn English slang while immersing yourself in the world of popular culture. We have asked the team here at Tti what some of their favourite Netflix English language series are. Check out their recommendations here:


Marianne our Director of Studies has some excellent suggestions and what’s more some great reasons as to why you should watch them.

Our Planet  – An eight-part series that explores the unique wonders of the natural world.

Why you should watch this series: Because of Sir David Attenborough. He is considered a national treasure and is perhaps the most unanimously loved Brit across the Isles. He has inspired millions by bringing the natural world into people’s homes for decades now. For the lovers of animals and nature. For the English learner – David Attenborough’s style of speech is RP – received pronunciation (think of BBC presenters) so the learner can expect a clear, standard form of British pronunciation of educated speech – widely accepted and recognises everywhere.
Lovesick – It follows a group of English friends – Dylan who upon discovering he has a condition needs to contact all his former girlfriends from the past 10 years to let them know and Evie and Luke, Dylan’s best friends and partners in this trip down memory lane.
Why: It’s about love and friendship and how those two things aren’t perfect. It’s funny and light to watch (read binge) and is set in various locations in Britain. For the romantic and for the fans of light-hearted fun. For the English learner – an opportunity to peer into the lives of regular 20 something and then 30 something Brits and see their hopes, dreams, lifestyle.
Skins – This series was made about 10 years ago. It follows the lives of 6 teenagers living in Bristol, Southwest of England.
WhyBecause it is critically acclaimed, quintessentially British show and addresses with absolute honesty, controversial themes such as substance abuse, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, personality and eating disorders, and mental illness. For the English learner – an opportunity to watch real people and their real speech (all the cast is formed by amateur actors) and be exposed to a regional common accent and slang used by young people.
Quick tips from Marianne:
Dear White People - Quick-witted fun dealing with the issues of African American university students. Intellectual, intelligent dialogues and very educational on the problems faced by black people in general.
Tales of the City - LGBTQ issues – with Ellen Page the openly lesbian Hollywood actress.
Bodyguard - A BBC/Netflix production dealing with very current issues of British politics, political party intrigue, Islamic terrorism and modern wars.

Ophe, our Senior Registrar, simply loves Rupaul’s Drag Race! OH HONEYYYY and says that everyone should watch it at least once!

Gonzalo, our Marketing & Administration Coordinator recommends the British series Peaky Blinders.
He explains…..Peaky Blinders is a gangster family epic set in Birmingham, England in 1919, several months after the end of the First World War. The story centres on the Peaky Blinders gang and their ambitious and highly cunning boss Tommy Shelby. A excellent series if you like drama combined with action and if you want to learn and understand more about the Birmingham accent, harder even than Geordie accent!

And finally, Sian, our Principal suggests a great British series, The Crown. Reportedly the most expensive television programme that Netflix has ever made, this drama follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from princess to monarch alongside her husband Prince Philip.  The cast speaks with Received Pronunciation (RP) so it is relatively easy to follow the dialogue! Watch this if you want to speak English like the Queen! Season two is due out later this year!
So now you have the perfect excuse to stay in and watch TV! You’ll be improving your English!
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