Our intern, Nancy!

If you follow our blog you will know that Nancy our intern from Germany is leaving us today. You will also know that she has made a fantastic contribution to our blog regularly updating our readers on what has been going on at Tti and what life is like as an intern in London! Yesterday we published Nancy’s lovely farewell blog and today we publish our reply to Nancy to thank her for her hard work and dedication to Tti School of English. Here is what some of the Tti Team have to say about Nancy!


Ophelia, our Senior Registrar……“Nancy is the best intern we have ever had! Her can do attitude, reliability and sense of humour have really made a dent in not only me but I a sure the entire Tti team, as well as the students. I am sad to see her go and I know she will go on to accomplish all of her dreams! She will be sorely missed!”

Lucy, our Vice Principal……….“Nancy’s presence has made a huge impact on our school! She immediately made friends with the students and I’d often see them seeking her out to talk to her at her desk by the stairs at the break times. Sitting there, she was in the perfect position to great anyone coming into the school with a big small and a friendly Tti welcome. At our famous Tti parties (of which she has been to every single one this year!), she partied comfortably with students and staff, more proof of her perfect fit here!
Nancy has really made the most of her opportunity at our school! As well as making loads of friends, joining social programme activities – and organising a few, doing her job (more on that in a bit), she has also taken lessons on our evening course! Never has an intern achieved quite so much.
So, what about her internship? Personally, I can say she has been a huge support to me and the academic team. Her eye for detail, organised approach and gentle reminders have been much appreciated and will be sorely missed. She’s been a pleasure to work with, always cheerful, conscientious and good humoured. Probably the most memorable moment, of comedy value, was when she happily packed up her work station, got her bag from the cupboard and merrily said “See you tomorrow!”, only to come back five minuted later realising it was half past four, not half past five.The only thing she didn’t learn with us was telling the time!”
Gonzalo our Administration Assistant……. “Nancy is undoubtedly a great member of Tti and she is already part of the family. She is very attentive, kind and also helped me a lot during my early days in Tti. At work, she is always ready to help, with a lot of attention to detail and a positive attitude towards the students, teachers and her colleagues.She has participated in many social activities and parties, which is really appreciated by the school. She clearly felt the spirit of Tti and transmitted it.”
Maryam our Senior Teacher………….What can I say about Nancy? She is without a doubt the sweetest, kindest and most hard-working intern I have ever met. Never have I seen her without a smile on her face. The first time I heard her name was when I was in class and my students started talking about a Nancy, and how she had helped them with something. And from then on I realised why students were always gushing about her, always friendly always keen to help. She will truly be missed!! DON’T LEAVE US NANCY! Best of luck for the future and make sure you come back and visit!
And finally a few words from me….Sian, Principal. It has been a pleasure working alongside Nancy. She quickly became an important member of our team showing wonderful initiative and dedication to her work. She has been such a support and a true Tti Ambassador representing all that it true about the Tti Spirt! As my colleagues have said Nancy’s smile and friendly manner have made her so approachable. She has made so many friends here at Tti and we hope to be able to welcome her back to the school soon. There is always a warm Tti welcome for you here Nancy!
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