What is it like to study on Tti’s FCE course? We interview Francesca from Italy about her experience on our Cambridge course!

Francesca from Italy took our 8 week FCE Cambridge Exam Preparation Course from January to March 2016. Sian recently interviewed her to found out how she felt about the exam and the preparation that she received. Read all about her experiences here!

student of the moment Francesca

So, Francesca, you took your FCE exam last Friday. How did it go?
It went well. Actually it was hard and very long and remaining focused was difficult, but I think I passed it.

You also took the speaking exam earlier in the week. Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?
It was exactly how I expected. I practised a lot at school with my teachers and my classemates and I was well prepared to do it; I think the speaking part was the best part of the exam in the end.

Did you feel that the FCE exam course prepared you well for the exam?
Absolutely. The course was focused on this exam and we practised every section to pass it.

Can you tell me how you feel you have progressed on the course?
I feel I have progressed a lot during the course; I realized that especially during the last two weeks: my writing improved and also my speaking. I was more comfortable and fluent and I realized that my vocabulary was wider!

What was the most important thing that you learned on the course ? ( i.e improving your grammar or perhaps specific exam skills)
As I said before, the speaking was the area in which I improved most along with writing and some exercises of use of English.

Can you give me a highlight of the course?
The last 2 weeks were the worst and the best part of the course! They were very hard and intensive, but they were very useful and funny at the end.

How did the small class size benefit you or perhaps not?
Of course it was a benefit because the lessons were focused on our necessities and we could work better and more specifically on our weak areas.

Likewise how did the team teaching suit you ? i.e. having two teachers.
I think that this solution is good because they have two different approaches to teaching: in this way, the lessons are more enjoyable and you can learn more ways and methods to study. It can be very useful!

Anything else you would like to add?
I liked the course: it was very useful and the teachers were great. These eight weeks have flown by and even though some lessons were hard, at the end I had fun and I enjoyed them!

Thank you so much Francesca! It was a pleasure having you study with here at Tti!

Check out our new Cambridge video here for more details on this popular exam course..

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