Interview with our teacher John Bedwell in the Kentishtowner!

This week our local newspaper – The Kentishtowner featured one of our much-loved teachers, John, in their Q&A section which they call “Ich Bin”! John gives us some thoughtful answers to many of life’s questions starting and ending with his wife.


Here are some of our favourite answers!

When were you happiest? 
My wedding day: late spring, young love, shiny red leather shoes, everyone that matters to me in the same room, fine wine – and two whole turbots.

What is your favourite sound or smell? 
Fire, in all its facets: burning, crackling, roasting, blazing, incinerating, dying, and even the smell of ash. And fire not only destroys but cleanses.

What is your greatest life achievement?
Seriously? I’d have to say getting to this point without cracking up. I’ve learnt that life, on the whole, is ridiculous, and therefore much funnier than we take the time to realise.

What is your earliest memory?
One of my earliest memories is being told off for eating with my mouth open – I stopped that soon after. Another is holding a frog in my grandparents’ garden and considering eating it. Thankfully for both parties I didn’t.

What’s the worst thing anyone’s said to you? 
Some years ago: “When are you going to grow up and be a man?” Words like this hurt the more you respect the person who said them. I respected this person above all and they cut like a knife. Whether I have grown up remains debateable.

Who or what do you love?
It took me a while to learn how to love someone more than myself. But I got there: my wife.

To read the full interview click here !

A big thank you to Kentishtowner for putting this together!


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