Interview with the Director of Tti School , Bridie O’Reilly ,about her idiom boxes!

Mel interviews Bridie O’Reilly, Director of Tti , about her idiom boxes which can be found all around Tti ‘s two centres in Camden Town & Kentish Town. She tells Mel about how she first got started making these boxes and what inspired her to make them!

Interview with the Director of Tti School , Bridie O’reilly ,about her idiom boxes! by Ttischool on Mixcloud

Bridie's latest box for  Hand Idioms!!

Bridie’s latest box  – Hand Idioms!

Vocabulary questions from the interview:

Bridie describes herself as a visual learner and kinesthetic learner – What does this mean? What kind of learner are you?

Bridie describes how she used to teach English using quirky methods . What does quirky mean?

Bridie says “Idioms in a box really came about through my daughter.” What does the phrasal verb come about mean?

I don’t want the antiquated expressions that no one uses anymore. What does antiquated mean?

Bridie & Mel agree that their favourite idiom box is …


Bull in a China Shop

Here are some of the links to the galleries Bridie mentions in the interview!
Tate Modern & Tate Britain – – Bridie suggests taking a boat ride down the Thames to visit these world-famous galleries!
Proud Gallery – – In Camden Market!
Beardsmore Gallery – – 22-24 Prince of Wales Rd – a few minutes from our new centre in Kentish Town!

You can check out some of Bridie’s Idiom boxes here –

What is your favourite idiom box around the school?  Let us know in the comments!


Music by – Lighthouse Family – “High”

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