Is London too expensive for English courses? The El Gazette says no!

Tti has been listed in the El Gazette’s July edition as a great value for money school! We’ve always thought we can guarantee excellent courses at reasonable prices and now ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

Melanie Butler from the El Gazette discovers that ‘price is no guarantee of quality when it comes to London language schools’. She asks ‘…Is London expensive compared to other UK cities?’ In terms of fees, the answer seems to be NO.

Here’s how they describe Camden area: ‘When it comes to value for money, London is really a tale of two cities. The 29 centres outside the West End, marked by dark blue squares, cost an average of £14 an hour – though outside the centre includes the super-cool student areas of Camden, Islington and Spitalfields, which most Londoners consider to be in the centre.

Check out the graph below based on British Council Inspection reports.


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