Interview with Maxime from Mammoth London Language Exchange!

In our Social Programme we always include the Mammoth London Language Exchange at Zoo Bar, which offers great opportunities to meet new people and improve your English or even another language you always wanted to learn! Did you know that the organiser, Maxime, was a former student at Tti? We did a short interview with him to find out more about the Language Exchange and asked him to tell us about his favourite London hidden gems! Tomorrow Mel is taking our students to Zoo Bar – sign up in the reception if you want to join!


How long have you lived in London now? What is a memory you have of studying at Tti School of English?
I’ve been living in London for 3 years now! All my memories from Tti are great! I did learn a lot. Beside the English, I met a lot of nice people, in a perfect social atmosphere. The entire team was always nice and helpful. I remember that every details, everything that could matter to a student, was well looked after and well organised.

You run the Mammoth London Language Exchange events. Can you tell us how you got involved in this company and what kinds of events you host?
I was involved two years ago after I met my friend Chandresh at an Au Pair event (I used to be an Au Pair). We became friends and he got me involved to help with Mammoth. So it has grown a lot since then and is becoming more and more popular.

Here you can find a list with every social events we organise, with a link to the Facebook group:

Free Mammoth Language Exchange on Wednesdays & Sundays
Free Monthly Pub Crawls
Free Monthly Walks in London
Monthly Trips around the UK
Social Photography Walks and Events


How has English helped you in your career path or in life?
It helps a lot to build relationships with our members. That is for me the most important thing in my career/life.

Can you recommend any great London hidden gems? Places you go which are off the beaten path? Perhaps a restaurant, a cafe? A club?
My favorite place is KOKO club in Camden town! It’s an old Victorian theatre turned into a club. An amazing place for a night out! I’m not going often to any coffee or restaurant but do like Byron Burger restaurant, with their amazing cheese cake and Oreo milkshake! For myself I love techno/house music and would recommend for that Village Underground club in Shoreditch!

What does the future hold for you? How much longer do you think you will stay in London and any survival tips for students coming to study and work here?
So far every events are becoming more and more interesting and it keeps me busy and interested. It’s a good opportunity for me to learn, enjoy myself and meet people. I think i’ll stay in London as long as I feel like I have more to learn and I enjoy myself as I love what I’m doing! I rather not make plans and stay focused on what to give more to the international people’s social life in London. I guess I would say to the students to get their trip to London ready beforehand and have a bit of money saved to avoid any issue. Beside, they must enjoy their social life as much as they can, because this is how we get the most of London! A lot of people to meet, a lot of way to meet them, and a lot to get out of them. They’d probably be surprised to see how their life can change with the variety of people they can meet and build relationship with.

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