Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View

Nancy our lovely intern from Germany, tells us about her experience living and working in London. Read her third blog post to catch up with her and news from Tti!

Hello everyone, it’s me again. I hope you are well. In, this my third blog, I am going to tell you what has happened over the last two weeks in my life and at Tti School of English. In my last blog, I mentioned a lot of the activities, that I have been doing in my free time, so in this blog I would like to mention a little bit more about my work as intern at Tti.

In my first blog I told you about my basic tasks. I am happy that I can do a lot of varied things: e.g. putting the new students into the database or printing their student cards, correcting the level tests and putting the arrival details into the database and helping my colleague to check the accommodation which is a really important task! Another responsible task, is checking the weekly the attendance of the students. That’s very important because if they have an attendance less than 80% than they can’t get a certificate at the end of the course, but before that happens we send them a warning email. In addition, I have to write the meeting minutes from the weekly office meeting with my colleagues and have to send them to all my other colleagues. It’s a very good exercise as it helps me to improve my listening and writing skills. I am also able to improve my writing skills writing this blog post! Furthermore, it’s very interesting for me to work on  Tti’s social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. It makes work fun because you’re always up to date with what’s going on in London and which social programme activity is going on at Tti.

Now something about the events at Tti. We had a lot of interesting events going on over the last two weeks but perhaps the most exciting was  the 18th birthday celebrations! It was such a nice surprise that the owners Bridie and Guy bought some super sweet and delicious cupcakes and something to drink. It was a lovely and cute birthday party. Thank you so much to Bridie and Guy and the whole Tti team! Congratulations!

Image 6

Than we had a wonderful Pancake Day when our students ate lots of  pancakes, of course, what else?  Helena went with four of our lovely students to Alexandra Palace ice- skating. Lourane and Justine had a very good time as you can see from the photo. Thank you very much to our lovely teacher Helena!

Image 2

What else have we been up to? Well, we had World Book Day! You can find a lot of good book recommendations from the Tti team on the blog that we wrote to mark the day. This blog might be a good read, especially if it’s your first time reading an English book. Why not follow one of the recommendations? Then we had a Fleet Street Walk where Luana and Martha had a lot of fun with the teacher John J! Thanks John! And we also had Camden’s Pub Crawl Night, when went to a few pubs in Camden with the teacher James and a lot of interested students. We had a great evening and it was a good chance to talk to each other and practice our English knowledge. Congrats again to all women in this world! We celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March with all the women at Tti wearing red on that day!


Now something about that things, that I have been up to! Over the last two weeks I been to lovely Regents Park. It is such a nice place and so close to Tti; I really like it. It’s not as big as Hyde Park but much nicer. I went up to Primrose Hill and had a look at Queen Mary’s Garden which is really lovely, but I would recommend going there for a walk in spring or summer, because then you can see the wonderful and colourful flowers but I really enjoyed it also on a cloudy day.

Regents Park

In addition, with three of our lovely students Martha, Luana and Sos, I visited the wonderful Victoria and Albert Museum. We all were very impressed by such nice designs and art from the whole word. Please take your time in such huge and wonderful museums, I mean you can spend there the whole day for free, this is absolutely brilliant! And if you’re an arts and design fan, you have to go to this museum! Luana and I spent her last evening in London having a drink in the Pub The Duchess of Kent. It’s next to the overground station Caledonian Road & Barnsbury or to the underground station Caledonian Road. If you like calm and comfortable pubs where it is not very crowded on Friday evenings and where you don’t have to shout to each other, I would recommend this place because it’s also not very expensive. On Saturday, I went to Richmond Park, which is so beautiful. You can sit next to the Thames and if you’re lucky like me and my friends, you can listen to a man playing the violin. It was so nice and relaxing, it’s a wonderful place to calm down. And I think I will go back to this place in spring or summer. If you like the nature, like me, you must go to Richmond!

Best wishes from Nancy!


Thanks so much for your contribution to our blog Nancy! For more information about our school please visit

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