London’s Hidden Gems!

London is such a huge city with so many nice things to do, such as visiting Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, walking through the National Gallery, shopping on Oxford Street and seeing Big Ben. However, apart from these touristic hot spots, you can find so much more to do and see in this city. We asked our students for some suggestions for different places to visit during your stay. Here are their recommendations! There are some hidden gems here that you should check out!

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Elephant and Castle as suggested by by Karen Rojas

This is a place, where you can go out to eat a lot of food. If you want to know something about traditional food that comes from other countries, you should go to Elephant and Castle. And if you really miss the food of Ecuador which is cooked by Ecuadorian people then you can find it here! It is a great area to visit! 

Fabric as suggested by Yudai Orikawa

This is an exciting place, where you can dance and listen to music. Its name is “Fabric” and it’s a lovely place. Watching football is also important when you go out and you can do that when you go to the stadium and also to pubs around it. If you go there it could be so much fun.


BFI Southbank, Hampstead Heath & Shoreditch as suggested by Lola Jimenez Ruiz

BFI Southbank an interesting building which is the number one venue for film in the UK. Hampstead Heath is a nice park where you can walk and see beautiful trees. If you want to go partying you must visit Shoreditch, where you can find a lot of bars.


China Town as suggested by Charles Nivollet

If Chinese culture is important to you when you visit a new place you should go to China Town especially when it’s the Chinese New Year. You could watch the dance of the dragon, which is one of the best street shows with a lot of different colors in the streets. You will find a lot of Asian restaurants which use traditional recipes.


The Dev and Unicorn as suggested by Noemi De Goni

If you visit London and you love rock music, metal, punk or something like that, you must visit the Dev Pub, where you can see free gigs every day. The atmosphere is very friendly and lovely.

Another place you must visit is the Unicorn Pub, which is a place where the beer and shots are very cheap. Every Wednesday you can enjoy and participate in the rock karaoke. Everybody can participate so it’s amazing and fun.

If you have some hidden gems you would also like to share with us, you can write them in the comments! We hope you have a lot of fun discovering London!

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