What is The Long Term Focus Course at Tti?

At Tti School of English, we offer a Long-term Focus (LTF) course. You can find out more about this course here. To let you know more about this course, we asked our current students Dorsaf and Lery all about it to give you an insider’s perspective.

Long term focus Group

Why did you choose the LTF course at Tti?

I chose to take the LTF course at Tti because I really wanted to improve my English – when I came to England I couldn’t comprehend anything. So, I needed a long intensive course with plenty of support. – Dorsaf

I chose the LTF course because I wanted to improve my English for University and work in the future – nowadays it is very important to have good English. – Lery

What does the LTF course include?

We have special tutorials with the director of studies every month to see my progress and what I need to do next. I clearly see what goals I have to achieve. – Lery

We also meet for lunch with the Director of Studies and the Senior Teacher every six weeks and we can speak to the other students who are here for a long time. It has a different theme each time as a topic of conversation – last time it was about Christmas traditions in our countries. It is nice because we speak a lot and eat lots of food! – Lery

We have tutorials with Marianne or Sally, and they are very helpful because I can set goals to improve my skills. I study for 16 hours per week in General English and also options. – Dorsaf

I like the lunches because we can meet the other long term students so it was cool. – Dorsaf

What do you like about your course?

In our classes we share our different opinions, cultures, we learn vocabulary, tenses and how to use them! I learn what mistakes I make and learn from them. We are a good class, a good team, and currently every weekend we go out together in London… it is like a family! – Lery

I like that we can speak so much at Tti, and the teachers explain things very well, we can exchange our opinions and experiences. – Dorsaf

Did you/will you use your free upgrade to an exams course?

Yes, I will soon take the upgrade and start IELTS preparation because I need it for my future. I have studied General English since September and I took the IELTS pre-test this week so the teacher will know what I need to improve. I now really feel ready for this next challenge! – Lery

I didn’t upgrade to exams because I just wanted to learn for my life, I didn’t need to prepare for any exams, so General English and option classes were suitable for me. – Dorsaf

Who would you recommend the LTF course at Tti to?

To my friends, and family, here at Tti it is like a family. It is really cool. – Dorsaf

If you want to improve your English, you have to be in a country of that language to be immersed in the language. Here, everybody is very kind and happy, good vibes! – Lery

Thanks to Dorsaf and Lery for contributing to our blog. If you would like to know more about this course please follow the link: Long-term Focus Course at Tti

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