Mariasole ‘s & Sheril tells about the last 2 weeks on the FCE course at Tti!

This week we have a report from Mariasole & Sheril on their last 2 weeks on our FCE course. It was jam-packed with Mock Exams , exercises & a trip to the Natural History Museum!


Maryam & the group!

The Cambridge students at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington!

Mariasole’s FCE Blog!

Hello everybody!

It’s Mariasole, I’m from a little but beautiful town of Italy and at this moment I’m attending the FCE course . Last week was my fourth week here in London ( I started the FCE course one week later then my classmates ) and I feel that my English is improving thanks to the precious lessons of our nice teachers  Helene and Maryam, even if I make again a lot of mistakes! In my class, we are few and last week we were just four because Taka was having a trip in New York ( lucky him!) but I think that it’s better this way because we can larn more if we are not too many! Often I don’t want to do my homework but i’m an effort to do it at least my writings ( lazy student!) and little by little it’s less tiring to me to do that . We are all improving and we’ll soon be ready to pass the exam brilliantly ! Let’s hope!

Sheril’s FCE blog!

Week 6 done! It’s Sheril again and we finished week 6 and also the 3rd exam mock! We all have improved our English . The exam was hard but also feasible . The time goes by so fast. We did some useful exercises this week. Many listenings and use of english . We have a lot of fun in the lessons with Helena and Maryam. Taka said this week that Maryam spoke a lot! :)

We did some conditionals this week and expressing ability . We work not only with the First Expert Book but also with a lot of extra exercises. On Friday after morning we went to the Natural History Museum with the CAE group all together. It was very nice in a beautiful building  . We had a lot of un. Many thanks to our teacher!

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