My Experience as a Volunteer at Camden Lock Live 2014!

Our Italian student Elisa volunteered at Camden Lock Live  this year. It was the second one held in Camden and had a fantastic line up of performances and live entertainment.  Here is what she thought of her experience!


 In the heart of Camden market there were four different stages with live music and dance performance. My job was to prevent people from crowding the stage. I had one of the most amazing days of my life: live music, dance workshops and international food!. The festival started in the morning until midnightIt was like a full immersion in the art world



Basically I was working in the dance stage, and so I had the opportunity to see different performance: Hip-hop dancers, Indian dancers, Contemporary dancers, Belly dancers. The most impressive performance was the one with two young boys. They were so inged and could do amazing things just with their arms. It was incredible to see all the market dancing with all his colour and perfumes. There was a reggae stage with all the best songs,where everybody was singing and dancing.

lock live 1


On the other two stages there were live music with really good artist. I felt grateful for the day!!

Thank you Tti!


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