It’s National Cat Day!

Today is National Cat Day and here at Tti we have a few cat lovers so we have asked them to tell us about the special felines in their lives! Read on if you too love cats………!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

Charles Dickens

Ophelia our Registrar writes…….As someone who is and has always been CRAZY about dogs, I never thought I would find myself writing a blog about a cat.

Riggums came into my life last April, when my friend Taz moved in with me , bringing this little furry and purry ball along.

Now…I won’t lie and say it was love at first sight for us. Cats are indeed lovely, cuddly and magnificent creatures, but for me it has been ( and still is!) a learning process. It has taken me some time to get over the fact that cats are not dogs and therefore will never act like they do.

Riggums, taking over my bed as he normally does
However, now I can completely understand the fascination that a lot of people have with these animals, and I have become very invested in learning about their behaviour and, more importantly, what do they waaaaant??? 
Seriously….what do cats want when they look at you and go MEOW? Does anyone know? Is he hungry? Does he want a belly rub? Or does he just want to make sure that I am available to pay attention to him when he requires it? ( I am…. every time )
When he is not plotting to kill me, he is being really cute and cuddly
I have also become one of those people who watches cat videos on YouTube, and I have now concluded that the internet is made up of  at least 80% cat videos. And now I can see why….. ( kitty eyes and kitty paws is why!)
Sian our Sales and Marketing Executive writes……..Spike came into our lives as a very small fluffy kitten from one of our lovely Tti Host families! He is now 13 years old and isn’t quite as cute as that kitten I fell in love with but he is still very fluffy. To be honest I am not a huge cat lover but Spike is great company. I completely agree with Ophe when she says it is almost impossible to know what he wants. However, when it comes to food he is pretty clear and even has his own way of saying ‘thank you’! He always rubs my arm as I place the food in his bowl!

Spike-Sian’s Tti Cat!


He is now getting older and much less agile but is still able to jump up on the bed to settle in for a good night’s sleep! He sleeps most of the day too… say i am jealous is an understatement. Happy National Cat Day Spike!
Lucy, our Director of Studies, also loves cats! Here is her cat Weasel looking super smart! In true academic fashion Lucy introduces us to her top 5 cat idioms that we use in English. Have you heard anybody using these? Why not give them a go?

Lucy’s Top Five Idioms with Cats!

Cat gets one’s tongue – you cannot speak because of shyness.
Example: “When I meet a lot of people, the cat gets my tongue: I cannot speak because I am so shy”.

Fight like cats and dogs – to argue and fight with someone.
Example: “My little brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs”.

Let the cat out of the bag – to tell something that is supposed to be a secret.
Example: “You let the cat out of the bag when you told him about the surprise birthday party”.

Look like something the cat dragged in – to look tired or worn out or dirty.
Example: “After working so many hours, I looked like something the cat had dragged in”.

Not enough room to swing a cat – not very much space.
Example: “There is not enough room to swing a cat in my tiny apartment”.

 We hope all you cat lovers enjoy National Cat Day! For more information about learning idioms (!), Tti and the courses we offer please check out our site:

2 thoughts on “It’s National Cat Day!

  1. I used to care of my brother’s cat. Her name was “slipper”, she was dark colour, her eyes were like gold or honey. My brother offered my Mum this ” little princess”. So I was “slippers’uncle”. She was used to playing football with a chesnut, but unfortunately, she did not like dancing with me. At 5.30 am, I had no choice but to get up cos she was hungry. The best memory I have: every time I was back home from work late at night, she was waiting for me at the front door…

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