New Year-New You!

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to our first blog of 2019! So, another new year, another set of resolutions and plans for a new life. Traditionally in many countries, people use the change of year as a time for quiet reflection and to make plans. Perhaps start a new course or quit an old bad habit. And here at Tti we are the same! Read on to find out what the some of the team are planning for 2019.


Our teacher, Jonny has one simple resolution and that is he wants to go to the theatre more. Like Jonny, Tom Gatehouse also has one single resolution which is to work harder at improving his Italian. Buona fortuna Tom!


Sally says: “My new year resolution last year was to recycle more, as here in the UK it’s, sadly, in our culture to be lazy with it. I became much more aware of what can be recycled. This year I would like to continue this but take it to another level. Supermarkets are (very slowly) giving us more options of non-plastic wrapped fruit and vegetables. In 2019 I want to actively choose these alternative products, reducing the amount of plastic I buy”.


Marianne says: “I’ve had the same new year’s resolutions for many years, which were Stop Smoking, Learning How to Drive and Exercise More. I’m happy to announce that I stopped smoking and that I do exercise quite a bit now so this year I must learn how to drive. And also work harder on my Italian”

Tom Miles says he wants to procrastinate less, think about the future more and take small steps instead of waiting for big ones! And Luke says “I’m going to try to get more and better sleep and I’m going to eat less fatty foods and read Twitter less” Great plan Luke!

Bridie says “I’m going to bring yoga back into my life before my body ceases up completely, have more dinner parties now that my kitchen has been decorated and go on more country walks with my dogs and family”

And finally, Ophe plans to wear a lot more glitter in 2019! Fabulous!


If your new year’s resolution is to invest in yourself and learn English, we have a range of courses that might suit you! Check our website at

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