Nightlife In London

Who better to tell us about the nightlife in London than our students? They are the experts and some of them have put this great blog together giving advice on where to go out in the evenings while studying at Tti!

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Federico from Italy

I prefer going to a pub much more than going to a club because of the atmosphere. It’s quieter and it’s better if you want to meet new people. It’s a place where you can actually have a conversation.

One of my favourite pubs is the Earl of Camden here in Camden Town. The staff is friendly and helpful, there’s always a good atmosphere and good music. You can watch every sports match you want and you get a discount if you’re a regular customer. The happy hour is worth a visit as well.


A typical night out for me starts with some pre-drinks with my friends. We also eat something and just hang out together. After that, we start to go to different pubs. After we went to the last pub we’re slowly starting to look for a quiet place where we can hang out before everyone goes home.

I would recommend the following local pubs and clubs: Earl of Camden, Camden Lock, Elephants Head, Oxford Arms, Camden Eye, TigerTiger, Koko. If you want to have a great view of London you should definitely have stroll along the South Bank in the evening!

Kim from Switzerland

The pubs here in London have a much crazier and funnier atmosphere and it’s much easier to talk to people but I also like dancing, that’s why I prefer a mix of both (pubs and clubs).

The Earl of Camden is one of my favourite pubs because it’s a spot where I always meet my friends in a cosy atmosphere but Koko is good as well (as a club). But all of the pubs here around Camden Town are quite good. You can always meet new crazy and funny people.

If I go out I usually start with pre-drinks with my friends and then we are slowly moving towards the pubs we want to go. When we start to get tired of pubs we go to a club and dance the whole night.

My tips for people who are new in London and want to know something about the nightlife is to try new things. Go to the Waiting Room in Shoreditch or a Gay Club in Soho. It’s really great fun!


Mona from Switzerland

Thanks to my ‘Friday Friends’, it’s great fun to go to a pub or go clubbing. Sometimes it’s better to go to the pub because you can have a normal chat but if you want to dance to loud music you should go and visit London’s nightclubs.

Good places I would recommend are The Earl of Camden and Belushis. Belushis is not only a regular pub, it’s also club (at night). I like to stay here in Camden Town because it’s cheap, all of my friends live here and if we want to do something we can always in front of  Tti School of English. It’s a good meeting point because everyone knows where the school is!


If you don’t know what to try you can always ask your teachers for some suggestions or advice.

A typical night out starts for me with a nice dinner with my friends, we have a laugh and after that, we decide between club or pub. A night out should be something everyone is going to remember so the location definitely needs good music (I like deep house), you should be able to talk at some point, the place should have enough opportunities to sit down and it shouldn’t be expensive because we’re all students.

The nightlife in London is fun but be careful because not all of the tube lines run at night. Download CityMapper to help you find your way in case you get lost and if you don’t know where to go try this website DesignMyNight. That’s a website on which you can find several suggestions for a night out in London.

Nadja from Germany

As the capital city of England, you expect a lot of the nightlife here in London and you won’t be disappointed!

London has tons of pubs in which you can enjoy a great pint of beer but also a few clubs where you can show your moves! However, here in London I enjoy going to a pub much more than going clubbing. The pubs here in London offer not only beer and cocktails, they also offer food such as burgers or typical British Fish & Chips. You should try and visit the Fifty Five bar here in Camden Town. The bar is 5 minutes away from the school and they offer a great deal for Happy Hour (£10 for 2 cocktails!). If you’re a sucker for Happy Hour, go and visit the “Made in Brazil” Bar right after.


The south-east is also a good place to enjoy some drinks. Visit “Bar Story” in Peckham Rye for a cheap cocktail and a nice atmosphere. A good place to go clubbing here in London is “The Roxy”. The music is a mix of RnB and chart toppers and it’s always crowded (popular place). Because it’s summer you have to visit some rooftop bars like ‘Queen of Hoxton” or “Bar Elba”.

My tips: always carry some extra money with you for the cloakroom in clubs (it could be a crazy price for each article of clothing), pre-drinking with a few friends is much more fun sometimes (and cheaper), watch your bag all the time, try to avoid the main tourist clubs in London (TigerTiger), look up your way back home before you start to drink (not all of the tube lines are night tubes). Like in other countries, you have to be 18 years old to drink alcohol in the UK.

Thanks so much to our lovely students for their great advice on where to go at night in this amazing city! Just remember not to stay out too late on a school night!

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