Where will an English Course take you in 2017? Noelia tells us about her experience.

Noelia from Spain tells us how she found a job after studying with us at Tti School of English. She also gives us lots of tips of how to apply for a job in London.


My boyfriend and I always dreamt of living abroad. We preferably wanted to live in a small and sunny town, rather by the seaside, where we could enjoy nature and good weather, but London? To be honest, we hadn´t ever even thought about living in a massive and crowded city like London. However life is capricious and destiny wanted to bring us here. My boyfriend received an irresistible job offer and we saw a big opportunity to achieve our dream of emigrating. We moved to London in May 2016. Today, 10 months later, I couldn´t think of a better city to be living in.

I always have more than one objective in mind. Basically, my main aim was be able to speak in English in any environment, as I used to get paralyzed when I had to speak. To be more specific, at that time I was focused on changing my professional career into HR or became an artesian. I already had a diploma in HR management, but I didn´t have any in crafts. Many options came to my mind, and from then to now I have experienced both. I did a jewellery course and I had worked in HR. This is London, a place where if you make an effort you will be award.
I think that my English course at Tti helped me in many ways. Firstly I took the over 30´s course for one month. All the subjects in this course were related to current issues with social relevance, very useful for you day to day, for business and work. I gained so much vocabulary and knowledge of other cultures, as I met many interesting people from different professional areas and from all around the world. By the time I was about to finish my classes, quite by accident, I heard that Tti was looking for a new intern. Even though I wasn´t the standard profile they usually to hire, they gave me a chance so I could have my first work experience in UK. It was very useful and allowed me to gain much more confidence when speaking and that was my main issue and fear. After the internship, I took two more weeks of General English + Business. These were vey motivating because of the teachers, Maryam and Helena. Maryam helped me so much with my confidence and Helena taught me some business tips, such as how to apply for a job position, how to write a cover letter, how to write a proper CV, etc. Additionally I took some private lessons with Maryam. She helped me a lot to prepare my firsts job interviews and to see my Spanish as an advantage.

I have to say that no matter how good your background is or how many degrees or diplomas you have in your country. If you don´t have experience in UK, you will have to work hard. In my personal experience, I was looking for a job. I mainly did the following: I signed in all job sites I could find and kept all my profiles updated. Some of these sites are www.jobsearch.direct.gov.uk  
www.reed.co.uk  www.jobs.co.uk

I also applied directly face to face to some companies. This is how I got my first job in Tti and in Oxfam as well. I went to a job centre. If you want to work in UK you will have to get your NI and so, you must go to the Job Centre. They can advise and help you with your job research. Network: I contacted everyone I knew and told them about my situation. People you worked with before, who met somebody living in the city you moved to; companies you had worked for or with. Send them an email remembering how did you meet who are you and why you worth their attention.

When I applied for a position with a charity I went directly to the shop. They asked me to fill in an application form and provide two referees. The same day I had a personal interview with the manager. He asked me about my background and my goals.
Two days later the manager sent me an email identifying which would be my tasks, my timetable and my objectives.

I also applied for positions with other companies other then charities.The process in this case was a little different. I applied from their websites and included my CV and a cover letter. This letter might show your motivations and your abilities for the position you are applying for. Try to be creative. A member from the recruitment team called me and asked about my background and my situation. Two days later they called me again and asked me to go to their office to have a face to face interview with the Head of People. I went to the interview. Two people asked me about my aspirations, ambitions and my background.
Two days later they sent me an offer letter by email where the category and the salary were pointed out. I accepted and 3 weeks later I joint the HR team.

My new job is cool. I finally turned my professional life into HR and that makes me happy. My main task is receiving new employees and guide them in their first steps in the company. It is very satisfying. Most of our employees come from overseas and they need so much support at the beginning; I love helping people and I really enjoy doing my job. I also write reports, offer letters, help with training plans and participate in all the processes to ensure the company pass external audits of quality and health and safety.

The environment couldn’t be better. People are nice, open-minded, and really smart. They are form all around the world. Lunch time is usually the best time to share experiences and different ways to live life. Every Friday, we go for some drinks after work and have fun together. Additionally we are continually creating new clubs. Now we have one of paddle, one of “plans after work”, and we are working in “gastro –club” and “theatre club” trying to find a way to meet new people while meeting the city.
It has been a long journey but I can say I feel blessed right now.

Thanks so much Noelia for contributing to our blog. Congratulations on getting this job! For more details about the courses that we offer at Tti please visit our website www.ttischool.com

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