NYC vs. London – Which city has the best transport? food? culture? Find out here..

Our student, Taka from Japan visited NYC in November and we asked if he could blog about his impressions of the Big Apple compared to his experience in the Big Smoke! Mel who is our Sales Executive , grew up outside of the city and gives her thoughts on Taka’s views ! Read on as London & New York go head to head! 

Nelson vs . Lady Liberty? :)

Subway vs The Tube 
Subway is easier and cheaper than London.
The name of stations in Manhattan is very simple. For example The more the station is North, the more the number of a station name goes up as if 14th St station , 34th St station, 57th St station.
Also if you want to go to North, you just follow a sign of “uptown” in a station. if you want to go to South, just follow a sign of “downtown” If you want to go to West or East, Just walk! Because it couldn’t be far way
On the other side, as you know, in London the tube is complicated. We might get lost every time without google map.
Mel, the New Yorker says…. 
Although Taka is right in terms of direction Uptown Downtown I think the London Tube is super easy because it is all colour coded. So great for visual people like me :)  
Although there aren’t so many park in New York City, Central Park is one of the most amazing parks in the world. The view from Empire building was speculator and unforgettable. London has a lot of parks  from big parks to  small parks.
One thing I like London is the number of parks.
Mel says..
Yes! I totally agree . While I absolutely love Central Park in the Fall I have to admit that London does have so many accessible green spaces all over the city! My favourite park to visit is Regent’s Park right near Camden or Hampstead Heath! Parliament Hill is wonderful! 
I would say the landscape of New York City is brilliant. Just walking down on a street, makes me feel as if I am within a film.
There are a lot of modern skyscrapers in New York City while there are also a few  historical buildings like a church or a council.
On the other hand,  London is more historical city and has a lot of historical buildings.I read the article about London’s skyscrapers a couple of months ago. They said that Skygarden in London won the award of one of the ugliest skyscrapers in the world. But the view from Skygarden is very nice especially at sunset. Anyway for me they both seem to be cool.
Mel says …
As a young girl driving into Manhattan from Queens & Long Island was always a dream!  The Skyline just looked so breathtaking!!  However I must say that I ‘m a huge fan of Roman history  and London is full of roman ruins , the old roman wall can be found at Museum of London and more! So I love watching the contrast between the old and modern buildings .
What do you imagine food is like in New York? Yes, a hamburger! Whilst I was in New York, I ate a hamburger every day. It was my kind of challenging. Everything is huge, cheap and yummy!  I’m not going to say London’s food is bad but it was definitely better than London.
Mel says..
Well I’m not sure I completely agree that the food is better in NY but there are certain things I really miss mostly New York Pizza & Bagels.  Mmmm bagels…
London and New York City have quite a few famous museums.  The mainly difference is the price. As you know, most of museums like British museum, The National gallery, Natural history museum and V&A etc.. are free (you can pay a donation) in London. On the other hand, in New York City we have to pay an entrance fee. The funny thing is that when I went to Metropolitan museum. Of course I’ve got to buy a ticket to get into the museum.  I asked staff “Could I get a ticket?” She said to me “How much would you like to pay?” Then I didn’t get it. And I said “What do you mean? How much is that?” She said “Say something you’d like to pay.” So I said “If I say $0, what’s going on?” She said “No you have to pay something. Then I was thinking if I said $1 but it can be rude. Eventually I said $10.
And I asked her ” How come we can choose how much?” She told me that because it’s sort of a donation. But this system is interesting, isn’t this?
Mel says..
One thing I LOVE , LOVE , LOVE about London is the fact that museums and galleries are free and so accessible. In NY, we have wonderful museums but they can be pricey . The entry charges for many museums here were scrapped by the Labour government in late  2001 to “ ensure the country’s cultural attractions were accessible to everyone.” Now isn’t that just great?? 
I went to Statue of Liberty, Empire Building, Brooklyn bridge, Central Park, Grand zero Moma museum etc….I had a lovely time in New York City. If you have any chance of going there, you MUST go there.  Why? Because That’s the place which Mel who is our lovely Sales  & Marketing Exec.  was born in.
Don’t you think It will  be a nice place?

Mel at home for Christmas this past December – Empire State Building in Christmas colours! :)

5 thoughts on “NYC vs. London – Which city has the best transport? food? culture? Find out here..

  1. Hello!!!! I thing this blog is great! I haven’t been to New York and I love London, it is the best city :) :) :) however, I hope to go soon to NYC!!!

  2. Nice :* :* And great description of differences Taka :* :*
    I also lived in both cities and prefer London to NYC although I miss the energy in NYC!
    Would be interesting to hear thoughts on atmosphere overall in both cities :*

  3. Hi Mel,
    great to fear from you. I wish you an all at the school a wonderfully 2016.
    Greeting from Germany from the Spanish guy.

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