How to celebrate Oktoberfest?

It’s that time of year again: Oktoberfest! People from all over Germany and all over the world travel to Munich to celebrate this famous event there. It’s the biggest public celebration in the country and every year over six million people come to Munich to celebrate!

What is Oktoberfest you may ask?  It’s a public festival which has taken place since 1810. In the beginning there was just a horse race but bit by bit they added bowling alleys, swings, carrousels and a big wheel.


And of course there is beer. Beer, beer and beer! The Munich breweries even produce a special beer especially for this celebration. And don’t forget the food! Pretzel, dumplings, veal sausage, sauerkraut, hendl (chicken) or haxn (pork hock)!


But the most important thing in order to get into the party spirit is to dress up in traditional costumes like Dirndl and Lederhosen! You can buy very cheap Dirndls everywhere at this time of year.


The entry to the fair and beer tents is free, so if you have dressed up and are ready to go to the Wiesn then you only need one more thing: money! The huge beer jugs (one mass) are around €10 each.
There are a lot of tents but it can be very hard to get a table there! You can make a reservation but in most of the tents you have to buy two large jugs of beer and a hendl in advance (per person)! And then you can enjoy the beer, food and of course the music! Enjoy some Brass Bands and maybe some traditional folk dance as well!

And don’t forget to buy a gingerbread-heart which says “Greetings from Oktoberfest” or “I Love You”


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