Mike’s Creative Workshop Stories & Tell A Story Day 2015 (USA)

Yes, we know that ‘National Tell A Story Day’ doesn’t happen here until October but we thought we would start early and celebrate with our friends across the pond in the USA who mark this special day on April 27th each year ! We asked our students who participated in Mike’s super Creative workshop last month to contribute to this special day of storytelling and here are their works of below!

mike creative writing workshop april 2015

Mike’s Creative Writing Workshop getting creative!


In the winter of 1900, there was a dark and quiet forest. An crying old woman, who was wearing a black dress because her husband had passed away 2 weeks ago, entered the forest. Hooting an owl brought a violin on his back to her. Before she started played the violin, she had noticed that there was a broken glass next to her. Slowly, she started playing.

And then, coloured flower and greeny became blooming. This melody that was made by her brough spring. After finished playing, she looked in a broken glass. There was a smily old woman who was wearing pink dress.


In this town, there are huge deep forest which looks quite weird. Getting inside, you can find only one house where an old woman lives. Unfortunally, recently this woman’s husband, who was very kind and honest, passed away. So she has always been crying and she doesn’t want to do anything. Because she lost her excellent husband! And bad things keep continuing. When she tried to go to the bathroom, she trod on her glass! It was subconcious accident! Her glass was completely broken. So she was very depressed. But suddenly she decided to change her mind to cheer up herself!! So, she grabed her violin which is hers and she loves playing it. During 4 hours, which sound quite long, she had been playing violin deeply. In the window one owl is standing, may be he was listening her violin, owl starts hooting. The sounds unexpectedly suit on her violin. After she notices the owl’s hoot, and it makes her so happy. So she enjoyed playing violin with beautiful owl’s hoot.

Beatriz Carreia

Cinderella in 21st Century

I will tell you a story about a girl whose name is Cinderella.

Cinderella is a 22 year old girl, who had just finished the Universaty with a dream that is open a flower shop. She lost her mother when she was just a little child, after several year’s her father married again and she won a stepmother and two sister’s. Everything was perfect until her father died. Afther that Cinderella’s life change completely, and slowly became miserable. Her stepmother, made her a maid. She had to do everything related with the house, and if she didn’t finish all the big list, she couldn’t go out.

During a trip to the supermarket, on a beautiful spring afternoon Cinderella decide go to the Regent park, that was where she used to go with her mother when she was a child. During her walk in the park she saw a young man that was seating on the floor with dirty clothes and no belongings. She decided to go closer to the young man and give him some bread and water. When she got him and looked on his face, she noticed the he actually was the missed prince, that she had seen on the news.

Cinderella approached him kindly and asked him why he left home.

The prince, whose name is Richard, started to tell his story. He said that his father, the Powerful King, wanted him to get married with a princess. But she couldn’t understand what was wrong with that. And the prince continued, the problem is… He took a breath, and finaly said. The problem is that I’m gay. And started to cry.

Cinderella put her hand on the prince’s shoulder and said, please don’t cry, I’m not here to criticise you, actuall I’m here to help, if you permit me. Both smiled sincerely. They had had an argument for one hour, but in the end Cinderella manage to convince Richard to tell the truth to his father, the King.

The afternoon passed so quickly that when Cinderella looked the time it was already too late. Before she left, they decided that in the next day, they would go to the palace for the prince tell the truth to his father.

Because of the traffic, the bus took more time than usual and when she arrived, already past her limit time for get home, so her stepmother banned her to leave home for the rest of the week.

Cinderella was tired of her life so ran into her room, prepared a big bag with her belongings and some clothes and left home during the night. The poor girl was completely lost, and didn’t know what to do, so she went to Regent Park to find the prince, and tell him the story of her life. Richard was in shock with her tragic and miserable life.

In the next day, early in the morning they went to the palace and finaly the prince Richard told the truth to his father, unfortunatly the king didn’t accepted and asked them to leave the palace. After some silence…

  • That’s a bit over the top, isn’t it? – said Cinderella.

  • We are in 21st Century.

The prince that is a ‘live wire’ take Cinderella’s hand and said that everything will be alright. In the same day, during the extremely warm afternoon, they went to an agency to rent a flat and they found a huge and beautiful flat to live together.

Time passed and some months later, the prince had found someone to live with, and Cinderella and the prince Richard were happy and best friends forever.

The End!

Eunji Jo

In the silence…

Once upon a time, in a very quiet forest there was only one house with a big window. In there was a family that three people live together. Every midnight an old woman, who was a widow, played violin. Because her husband used to enjoy listening her playing before going to bed. A twin, who her kids, they were cold fish, never mind mum’s feeling. They like to go out hunting.

One day, they went to hunt as usall. Unfortunately until deep night they can’t hunt anything. So they a little bit disappointed but dicided come back to home. In the silence and dark night, they suddenly heard a owl hooting. So they paid attention to hunt that. Even though they shoot many times, the owl just flew away following the road their house. The felt a little bit weird but just followed the owl. When they almost arrived at hom the owl stopped to hooting. So the twin felt frightened in silence. And they saw thire house window was broken and inside was broken glasses was their mom’s. They called mum, and tried to find her, nobody answered.


A gently wind is blowing through the leaves of the trees in the forest. Not only does the wind blew the leaves it also slide over the strings of a magic violin in the forest. The warm melody was heard by an old woman laying in a white, wooden bed, waiting for her last day. The wispering melodie gradually seems getting nearer and nearer and clearer and clearer, while an owl set to the window ledge and looked to the granny. Eventually the deadly sick woman felt a jerk in her heard at the same time the owl hooted a cold echoing scream.

The glass of the window brocke and thousends of butterflies flew out of the room. The old woman has been disapeared.

She had set back in the times where she had been young and beautiful, you can see her there playing the violin with her eyes full of tears.


Once upon a time on a bright springtime day an old woman run as fast as she could out of the dark forest. Suddenly, she has to stop because her robe is draggin in the deep, dark black mud. An owl flew over her head, she looked frightend to the sky, which was gradually getting more cloudy. The violett clouds drifted in the strong wind changing their frames every now and then. The breeze brought a touching melodie of a violine and thousends of rosy petals felt from the sky. The colourful leaves sprinkled in the air like snowflakes but hardly they reached the ground, all of the petals were gathered in a big cristal glas in a magic way. When will it break so the leaves can continue dancing in the wind, sharing its beauty with the rest of the world? Hopefully, soon…

Huge thanks to all of Mike’s Creative Writing workshop ! We hope to see you at his Reggae workshop this week and always check our social calendar for future free academic workshops! www.ttischool.com

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