Hello from our new Principal, Viv Canal!

We would like to extend a big warm welcome to Viv Canal as our new Principal here at Tti School in Camden Town! Viv has worked in the EFL sector for 17 years and we are so excited to have him on board! We asked him to write us a post to introduce himself. Enjoy!


My name’s Viv Canal and I am the new Principal at Tti School of English.

I’m very excited to be here at Tti in Camden Town, one of the most vibrant parts of London, the city where I was born and grew up.

One of the things I love most about London is it’s multicultural society – I guess this is no surprise as both of my parents were immigrants to London in the 1960s. My dad came from the tiny island of Mauritius, which used to be a British colony and although it is now an independent nation, it is still a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Mauritians are a mixture of African, Asian and European people and my dad has a bit of everything in his blood. My mum is German so you can add that to the mix too!

For a family like ours, London was the perfect city for us to be as it has a long history of immigration – London itself was founded by the Romans and has developed its characterisitc multicultural nature as a result of waves of immigration throughout its long history.

My family now lives all over the world – France, Germany, Australia, and other places besides – I lived abroad myself for several years in Italy and Turkey, but eventually I had to come back to London and it was the mix of nationalities and backgrounds that you find here, that I missed the most whilst I was living in other countries.

I believe that immigration is a positive thing, but it is not always an easy process. This short video looks at both the advantages and challenges of immigration in London, and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Of course, when people come from other countries for a holiday or to study English, one of the first places they come to is Camden Town and we are always happy to meet welcome them!

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