Our Principal Gemma’s Farewell Blog !

Today marks Gemma’s last day as our Principal here at Tti and we asked her to blog about her experience working at our unique school in Camden Town, London!

Gemma Collage

So long, farewell … I hate to say goodbye!

I’m the kind of person who hates goodbyes. However, I feel it’s appropriate to write one last blog entry, partly as I wrote Tti’s first one ever!

I’m sad to be leaving my Tti family after 3 fab years but also excited for the future exploring Amman, my new home city from July 2015 – well, for 1-2 years!

Life a Tti School is never dull. Over the past 3 years I have probably:

  • discussed the weekly timetable 200+ times
  • asked “how can I help you?” 3000+ times
  • celebrated 100+ events in the Tti office (staff birthdays, goodbyes to team members, DELTA congratulations, pre-wedding celebration, great ISI feedback and thanks etc.)
  • sold 75+ weekend trips to Cambridge, Oxford or Stonehenge and Bath
  • answered the phone with “good morning/afternoon, Tti School of English” 3000+ times
  • travelled to 10 different countries to whole-heartedly promote this fantastic school
  • contributed to 15+ blog entries
  • conducted 20+ interviews for advertised positions or internships
  • said thank you to different team members for various reasons 4500+ times

.and I have no regrets!!

I’d like to thank everyone for making me so welcome at the beginning and for the continued team spirit Tti provides. I’ve been lucky to work with friendly, intelligent and enthusiastic people!

Here are some photos to relive some great moments from the past 3 years.

Gemma Collage2

With thanks and farewell!!

Gem x

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