Our Student of The Moment, Ayaka from Japan, gives us her Top 10 things to do in London !

Our current Student of the Moment , Ayaka, has given us her top 10 things to do in London! She’s been here for a few months now and has a lot of great tips! At Tti, we choose a student who encompasses what we call the Tti spirit! Ayaka has progressed so much during her time here at Tti and it has been such a pleasure to have her studying with us here in Camden! Here’s her London top ten! Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Ayaka and I’m from Japan. I’ve been staying here in London since May and I want to introduce you to my favourite things to do in London!!


1. Pubs & Clubs! I think it’s kind of traditional custom to go to pub and club. (To go to club is for young people) I recommend near to Piccadilly. There are many nice pub and clubs. I usually go to there to drink alcohol with my friends on the weekend even if we don’t decide where to go. When we didn’t know good club, we asked young local people and went to Piccadilly institute! The inside of building was so nice as there was five rooms! The music was not so good but it was fun!

2. Afternoon Tea  – I never tried it Afternoon Tea, but I suppose that tourists have to do it because it’s traditional. What’s your favourite place for Afternoon Tea? The Ritz?

3. Visit the markets! You can go to the market like Notting Hill or Camden Market etc! In the market you can find some nice accessories or clothes! We do not have this kind of market in Japan so I was excited for the first time.

4. Visit some famous places! Also you have to go to famous places like Big Ben.This is a landmark of London. You can take pictures from the other side of bridge. You can really feel that you are in London!!

5. Buy Souvenirs! In front of it you see the shop which is selling the cheapest post card like 10p. I think it’s the cheapest in London. You can see the scenery of London and also you can go through below the big famous bridges ! It costs 7 pounds from near the London Eye.

 6. Ride on a Double-decker bus! For all the famous attractions take a bus, the red double-decker buses are also London icons! You can find them all over the London! There are old ones and new one, i couldn’t take old one ever I suspect you can take it near to Trafalgar square. If you take a bus, you have to go upstairs to the top deck and sit down in front of the window. You can see the landscape very well!

7. Visit  Platform Number 9 1/2! If you go to King’s Cross station, you can find a photo shot spot which is related to Harry Potter. If you don’t have time to go Oxford to visit Harry Potter museum, you can get a picture as if you went there.

8. Watch the sunset on Primrose Hill! At sunset, you can go Primrose hill to see a panoramic view the whole of London! It is located by Regent’s Park. You can go there from Camden station or Chalk Farm station.

9. Take a walk along London Bridge at night! You can walk around London bridge at night. It is incredibly beautiful! When it was summer I couldn’t see night view because dusk is so late, like at 9:30pm. But now I can see it easily!

10. Visit Sky Garden ! – Sky garden on Sunday is also really cool. You can enter it for free on Sunday only from 9pm. Actually, last Sunday I visited there and the night view of London was amazing. I have been there twice! I like it! The drinking price is like one beer for 5 pounds and a cocktail is 11 pounds.

In London I made so many friends who come from all over the world and I spent an unforgettable time with them. Even though just to eat dinner with them in my friends flat is also good memory for me, not only going out! These memories are my pleasure in my whole life!!

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