Our top 5 things to do in London on Christmas day 2014 & Sam tells us about his holiday plans!

There is no need to feel stranded in London on the 25th of December !  There are plenty of things to do on Christmas day and it’s actually a great opportunity to enjoy a quieter and more tranquil London! :)


1. Visit London’s green parks! –  As many of us know, transportation goes quiet on Christmas day so we think its the perfect opportunity to discover one of London’s lovely parks! Wrap up warm and go for a festive stroll! Nearby Camden you have – Regents Park, panoramic views from Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath is quite close as well!

2. Hire a Barclay bike!cyclehire_bike_539 There is less traffic on Christmas day than any other time of the year so what better way to enjoy London’s peaceful streets than with a bike ride! They are easy to hire and can be found all over the city! You can look up a hiring station here  – http://www.tfl.gov.uk/modes/cycling/barclays-cycle-hire?intcmp=2295

spread eagle3. Have a drink at the pub! - Not all the pubs will be shut and are happy to welcome you to warm your cockles with a nice mulled wine, craft beer or spirit . 2 pubsopen in the Camden area are The Spread Eagle on Parkway and the Flask in leafy Hampstead!

4. Get active ! Take a walk around historical London!  Ride that Barclay bike down to Trafalgar square for a walking tour! Some of London’s best tour companies will be running walking tours around London. The London Walks company has one tour at 11am CHRISTMAS MORNING, 1660 – SAMUEL PEPYS’ LONDON Trafalgar Square (meet by the Christmas tree) and another one at 2pm THE CHRISTMAS DAY CHARLES DICKENS’ LONDON WALK Trafalgar Square (meet by the Christmas tree) –  You can find all the details here – http://www.walks.com/


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5.  Go ice skating in North London!  The Jewish Community centre’s ice ring will be open on Christmas and is located near Finchley Road (just North of Camden!). There will be food , drinks and more!  Details available  here – https://www.jw3.org.uk 


We asked a member of the Tti team to tell us about their plans for Christmas. One of our teachers, Sam , who has lived in London his whole life filled us in on what he will be up to for the holiday this year!

DSC_0156I love Christmas even though I hate shopping and Christmas songs. The best things are the food, the drinks, and (possibly) the family time.
My Christmas begins on the afternoon of December 24th. After I finish work I’ll race down to Oxford Street to grab any last presents I’ve forgotten to get. Having fought the crowds of shoppers and returned home victorious, I’ll be ready for a drink. Every year I meet a few of my best friends for a Christmas Eve drink in our favourite pub in Finsbury Park: The Faltering Fullback. There is always a great atmosphere at this time of year, full of Christmas cheer. I’ll make sure to leave after a couple of pints in order to get home to wrap presents.
Christmas Day – the 25th – is the big one. I’ll get up and cycle over to my parents house in Islington around 9 o’clock. The radio will be playing classical Christmas music and we’ll have a big breakfast – traditional stuff like bacon, eggs, toast. Then we do the presents. There will be five piles under the Christmas tree: one each for me, my brothers and parents. We unwrap, and thank each other and maybe try on or try out our gifts. Then we’ll go for a long walk (except my youngest brother who will refuse to get dressed and leave the house), maybe Hampstead Heath or along the canal. Hopefully it will be a cold but sunny day.
At around 5 o’clock we’ll go to my aunt’s house in Hackney, along with my cousins, uncle and very elderly grandma. Champagne, smoked salmon, and pulling Christmas crackers to start. Then we’ll move on to the Christmas dinner: turkey, brussels sprouts, roast potatos, bread sauce, Yorkshire puddings (hopefully), followed by Christmas pudding (unfortunately) –  a cake with dried fruit and lit with flaming brandy on top. We all eat too much. Then perhaps we’ll play some games like charades, cards or articulate. Or fall asleep in front of the telly.
Thanks Sam !What do you do on Christmas day? We’d love to hear from you!! Write your comments below!
 Merry Christmas everyone!! 


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