Poem of the Week – Winter by Walter de la Mare

We haven’t posted a poem on our blog for a while but we thought that some seasonal poems would be nice to share! Here’s a classic.

Winter by Walter de la Mare
A wrinkled crabbed man they picture thee, 
Old Winter, with a rugged beard as grey 
As the long moss upon the apple-tree; 
Blue-lipt, an icedrop at thy sharp blue nose, 
Close muffled up, and on thy dreary way 
Plodding alone through sleet and drifting snows.
They should have drawn thee by the high-heapt hearth, 
Old Winter! seated in thy great armed chair, 
Watching the children at their Christmas mirth; 
Or circled by them as thy lips declare 
Some merry jest, or tale of murder dire, 
Or troubled spirit that disturbs the night, 
Pausing at times to rouse the mouldering fire, 
Or taste the old October brown and bright.

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