Poems inspired by Roald Dahl

In our last cycle we had an Option class called Writing and Speaking Masterclass for higher level students. It was taught by our awesome teacher Steve and during one of the weeks, they were studying the works of British novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter, and fighter pilot Roald Dahl. Keep reading to find out more about the author, his works, the techniques studied in class and read the amazing poems written by students.



The students studied the rhymes and structure of two poems by Dahl – click on the link to watch them being recited:

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf and The Pig.

The class also studied the Iambic Pentamer, a type of metrical line used in traditional English poetry and verse drama. Roald Dahl made use of the technique and so did a certain William Shakespeare. The term describes the rhythm, or meter, established by the words in that line. Want to know how that works? Click on the link to watch the video:

The Iambic Pentameter and Shakespeare

So armed with all this information on English verse and inspired by Roald Dahl, Steve’s students set out to produce their own verses. They were asked to write a poem in the style of Dahl and for the ones who wanted an extra challenge they could follow the Iambic Pentamer. Here is a selection of the best two. Enjoy!

Benedikt Emler:
Hello, I am a crocodile
My home is the river Nile
My skin is green and hard
That’s the reason why it’s part
Of nice handbags and women’s shoes
And my teeth can be used as jewels
That is the reason why I’m sad
But this won’t be a problem when I’m dead


And Christin Fraehmcke who took the extra challenge and followed the rhyme structure of the Iambic Pentameter:


When crocodile woke up today
He felt quite hungry, in some way
So he stood up and ran around
To hear if there’s some decent sound
From someone he could quickly eat
…just then he saw some little feet!
The duck came ’round the corner then
But as he saw him, he just ran
The crocodile was fast enough
But little duck was pretty tough
He fought the crocodile real brave
So it got scared and Duck was saved!


Aren’t our students fabulous? Thanks Steve for a great class with amazing results.

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