How to prepare for a Business presentation… Our BE course gives you 5 quick tips!

Last week we asked Mike’s Business English course to come up with 5 easy tips for preparing the perfect presentation! 
Here is what they’ve come up with! .. Our favourite –  Fail to prepare , prepare to fail!
Business with Lucy-2

1. Always prioritise information –  Don’t drown in a sea of details!
2. Consider the audience . Put yourself in the listener’s position. Are the key points communicated clearly and concisely?  Also remember don’t be a chatty Cathy or Carl!! Don’t over-talk!
3. Put forward some conclusions for your audience to consider but leave things open to invite audience questions.
4.  Be comfortable with the topic. If you are over-stressed, the audience will feel you are not in control of the material.
5. Research your topic. Fail to prepare , prepare to fail!
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