Raid’s experience at Tti and his favourite places in London

Raid, one of our former students, tells us about his experience at Tti and gives us some tips for places to check out in London!


I came to London in September 2014 for 6 months. As every student, my aim was to improve my level of English rapidly. At the beginning I spent a few weeks in General English. Even though the classes were useful, I wanted to progress a little quicker, so the school advised me to do the FCE programme (First Certificate of English) for 8 weeks. As well as being interesting, the FCE course ignited and stimulated my curiosity to keep on learning English. I can not emphasise enough just how effective it is to follow a Cambridge programme (FCE or CAE, depends on your level).

After that, I decided to take the Business English course for 5 weeks in order to improve my range of business vocabulary. For instance, you learn how to make a presentation, prepare for a meeting or write formal and informal emails.

Then, in the last two months I took the IELTS course, followed by the Advanced Classes, for one month each.

Finally, Tti School organises a ‘Social Programme‘ every day. For example, they establish numerous activities such as going to parks, pubs and also museums, which is a great opportunity to practise speaking and also meet people from different countries.

In my opinion, after this short experience, improving your level of English and having the ability to speak naturally, depend heavily on how you manage your time. Moreover, the best way to improve your English is to avoid speaking your native language and follow a specific programme (IELTS, Cambridge).

Places you should check out in London

The Hawley Arms

Close to the school and located in the heart of Camden Town, this pub is pretty famous as Amy Winehouse used to spend a lot of time there. I recommend going for a few drinks!

Regent’s Park

Less than ten minutes from the school, you can go there for a run and to do some exercises or maybe just walk & enjoy the beautiful sights. It is one of the biggest parks in London – do not miss it!

Columbia Road Flower Market

I suggest visiting this market. It is a nice place to hang out with your friends, there are different kinds of flowers. Remember to bring your camera and take pictures!

V&A museum

I went to this museum with the school’s Social Programme. Great museum, with plenty of sculptures and decorative arts and design – all London museums are free!

Yumchaa Tea on Parkway

Tea Shop, where you can find many different flavours of tea, the atmosphere is enjoyable and it is really cheap!

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