Rewind! A look back at our 2015 blogs!

We’ve looked back at the year and chosen our top 5 blogs for you!  We have had some fantastic blogs from both staff and students ! Thank you to everyone who contributed to Tti’s blog this year!!
Here you go!
1. Skinted or Minted? We decided to start a series of what’s good in your hood blog posts!  Our DOS , Lucy, wrote a fantastic blog on where to go in our local area and also her neighbourhood – Kentish Town, if you’ve got a little extra cash in your pocket or when you are broke (skinted) All with a great glossary of words for your reference!

2. A week in the life of a Tti Student & Intern – We’ve had a number of blogs where students documented their experience studying in London and also our interns made a huge contribution.  Annie from Germany , who interned with us back in the Spring documented her time on our Social Programme . Tti runs a daily social programme with loads of events to choose from . Here Annie tagged along on the different events and titled her blog -

Tti’s Social Programme – not one dull moment!

​Thank you kindly Annie!
Here are some other favourites………
Our CAE class in the spring time gave us their 8 tips for the CAE Speaking exam – Great resource!
We also asked our intern, Sara to keep a weekly diary at Tti this year and she documented loads of events and interviewed lots of students! Here she asked Mel to tell her birth story in honour of her birthday! :)
3. Kent – The Garden of England - Another fantastic intern Hava contributed some wonderful posts to our blog this year. One of our favourites was definitely about her trip to Kent – The Garden of England – Some wonderful photos included here as well!
4. Our Farewell blogs! We sadly said good bye to some of our most beloved teachers , students and interns this year. One really lovely piece was a good bye letter to the school by our teacher John & our former Principal, Gemma – Read up on these farewell blogs.  here
5. 2015 – The year of the playlist at Tti? It’s certainly been the year of the playlist. You simply need to do a quick search in our blog ‘s archives and you’ll find everything from soul to reggae & more! Here are the links that’ll provide the perfect music for your next house party -

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