Tsugumi and our admin team give us some advice on getting around London safely!

How safe is London? Our former coffee bar monitor, Tsugumi, who’s been living in London for almost a year now, tells us about her experience and gives some advice on getting around London safely. We also asked our admin team for a few words concerning that topic!

Hi, my name is Tsugumi and I am a student in Tti. I’ve been here for almost 1 year and sadly, I’m leaving soon. Through my experience, I think London is an amazing big city. I remember how I was excited to come here and I can imagine new students who are about to come here feel the same. On this article, I’d love to tell you basic information that is difficult to imagine when you’re in your home countries. People who are planning to live here often ask me about safety in London. For Asian students or other nationalities, except for Europeans maybe, London is very far and there are many misunderstandings between us. Indeed, don’t worry, It’s said that London is the safest and biggest city in Europe. I hope this information will be helpful to start your happy London life!

Public transportation in London
I’ve never seen any accidents on the tube or the overground. Peek time is quite busy but if you avoid using busy moments, it is usually comfortable. In addition you can use night buses or 24 hours buses at midnight, which is really convenient. I don’t think crimes happen often on the night buses unless you are indiscreet or provocative.

Safety in London 1

On the street
There are many Londoners and tourists on the streets, so I don’t usually feel in danger on the streets. I would say near tourists points streets are pretty safe. Unfortunately, you will find some begging but they never hurt you. Probably, you’d better off not going somewhere where there is only a few people late at night. Otherwise, an area is safe during the day, another side of street could be unsafe at night. I recommend asking your host family or flatmates about safety around your area. In fact, we can say the same about our own countries.

Safety in London 4  Safety in London 2

Tti school is in Camden town where is quite safe. You will see many people who enjoy the nightlife, especially at the weekends.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your day and go to the pubs in the evening in safe Camden town!!

Now here’s some advice given from our admin team..

If you are out late why not get a taxi home with your friends? By sharing the taxi the fare isn’t as expensive as you might imagine and means you get home quickly, comfortably and safely! Use the Transport for London CABWISE app to book a taxi.

Make sure you have credit on your phone at all times so you can make phone calls.  Check your credit regularly!

Always make sure your Oyster is topped up!

Check your journey on
www.tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey before you leave and make sure that the tube lines or buses are working as usual without disruptions!

Try to avoid walking alone at night. Keep to well-lit main roads!

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