Scary things to do this Halloween in London

Tis the season to be ….SCARED! As days got darker and shorter and Halloween gets closer, Ophelia, our Senior Registrar and full time enthusiast for all things dark, compiled a very useful list of suggestions to fully enjoy Halloween in London. Be scared, be very scared!

tti halloween 17

Boo, everyone!

Halloween is almost upon us , and the fall days turn London into one gloomy and spooky looking city. Besides your regular Halloween parties ( not to forget our own Tti Halloween party!) , there are plenty of activities to do in London that, hopefully, will send a shiver down your spine…
1- The Clink Prison museum ( )
clink prison
This prison museum is built upon the original site of The Clink Prison, which, dating back to 1144, was one of England’s oldest and most notorious prisons . Positioned in the heart of modern day Southwark, the visitors to this museum will have the chance to learn about the story of Old Bankside, handle torture devices, view archeological artefacts and hear the tales of torment and misfortune of the inmates of this infamous site.
2- St. Bart’s pathology museum ( )
st barts
Named one of CNN’s Ten Weirdest Medical Museums in the World, Barts Pathology Museum differs from others due to its quirky, interesting events and desire to bring pathology alive. The museum  is part of Queen Mary University of London and even offers short courses in taxidermy. Check out their Halloween special exhibitions!
ghost walks

Since this city is so ancient and known for its colourful history, it is no surprise that there are many haunted places to visit in London. Even today there are ghost sightings and mysterious happenings that cannot be explained.

Some places are notorious for these strange occurrences and home to famous spirits, murders and troubled souls. You may have experienced their presence before while walking along a dark-lit road or past a cemetery. Or perhaps you are seeking a meeting with the paranormal. Walk around London and be spoooooooooked….

And of course, last but not least … not forget to come to our amazing Tti Halloween party!


tti halloween 17

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