Staying Safe in London: some advice from us!

As a visitor to a big city like London we strongly advise you to always be aware of your belongings.

There are many ways to prevent becoming a victim of theft. But if your phone, bike or camera does get stolen you will be glad that you registered it at Immobilise.

Staying Safe in London


Immobilise is the world’s largest FREE register of possession ownership details and forms a very effective tool in helping to reduce crime and repatriate recovered personal property to its rightful owners.
Immobilise can be used by members of the public and businesses to register their valued possessions or company assets, and exclusive to Immobilise all account holders registered items and ownership details are viewable on the Police national property database, the NMPR.

Immobilise is used thousands of times every day by UK Police forces to trace owners of lost and stolen property.

By registering their valuables on owners can put details of their prized possessions on a national database that police can access and compare with items that have been found or recovered from suspected criminals.

The online service is totally free and is quick and easy to use. Items marked as being registered with Immobilise are less likely to be stolen, and households displaying Immobilise stickers are less likely to be targeted by burglars.

Immobilise has 34,604,865 registered items at the moment and hopefully soon yours too.

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