Study Tips from our Student Naim!

Study Tips from Naim who has just finished his course with us and has made such good progress that we asked him to share his study tips with us. In this blog post he tells us all about how he is achieving his study goals!

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I’m Naim Sayah I’m from Algeria I’m 26 years old I’m lawyer,I have been a student at Tti School of English since 17October 2016 and I am due to complete my course on 31 March 2017.

Firstly, when I started I was shy and I couldn’t speak and understand at all, but Lucy, the Director of Studies gave me objectives to do like speaking and participating in the school’s activities that helped me a lot to have conversations with the other students.

Secondly, I decided to speak just English because I’m here for this reason so I made lot of mistakes but I didn’t care because if you don’t speak and make mistakes  you can’t improve your level. I was reading newspapers, watching the news, football, movies with subtitles because I didn’t have a level that allowed me to understand all of the context. I was using a translator as it’s very helpful but just at the beginning after that I stopped using it I was trying to understand the meaning and its not good to use it every time because you start to get into bad habits and rely on it too much!

I worked hard to achieve my objective which was to go to university and realise my dreams that I’ll be international lawyer. I got help from all the staff, teachers, directors, administrators all of them. After 6 weeks at the time of my first tutorial I started to speak I saw the difference but I know it’s not easy but I didn’t have other solution, I left my family my country not to speak french or Arabic to learn English and got a god score in IELTS exam .

When the school nominated me for Student of the Moment I was astonished and I couldn’t believe that I was achieving half of my objective. I was very happy not for the gift but for my progress and the level of my English. It was one of my good experience in my life.

Finally, I think if you are proud of yourself you can do anything! The advice that I would give every student every where is learn English. It is a very important language and Tti is the best school in London so book your course and change your life for a good way. I hope I’ll get into university and I’ll get my diploma with same focus and motivation. Thank you Tti School!

 Thanks so much for your contributions to our blog Naim! For more details about our school please visit

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