Summer Poems from our Breakfast Meeting!

14835603515_073e387f7c_kFor our long term students there is a breakfast meeting once a month to chat, do activities and get to know each other a little bit more. This month the students wrote poems using metaphors and although we don’t get much of it in Britain the subject was summer time! Which of those poems do you like most?


His lips are sunshine sleeping on the beach
Her eyes are a bikini dancing in my dream
Your heart is watermelon running on the mountain

Akiko, Beatriz, Shizuka and Ayaka

Your smile like sun
I want to eat in my house
His hands are beer
Let me drink in the pub

Masaaki, Yuto and Ayumi

Her eyes are a vacation dancing on a cloud
His back is the sun swimming through the sky
My nails are the sea travelling all over the world

Lucy and Takaa

My toes are on the beach singing in the sand
Your face is a blossom dancing in my eyes
Her mind is a picnic playing in the park

Viv, Sian and Onur


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