The Advantages of Private English Lessons

Group classes or private lessons? Many students ask themselves that question when they embark on a language learning journey. Of course, every student is different, but our Director of Studies Marianne believes that there are many advantages to one-to-one lessons, be it face to face or English lessons online. She’ll list the reasons below to help you make an informed decision.


Well, I guess it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that 1-2-1 lessons are better than a class with other students, however, there are general conclusions that can be taken from the experience of many students who have studied with us over the years.

Lessons are tailor-made for you

Before your lessons even start a thorough assessment of your skills is carried out as well as a diagnostic test to identify your needs; you complete a needs analysis where you can express what you need the language for, what you want to cover, what type of exercises you like (or dislike) and how (and where) you prefer the lesson to occur. Armed with that arsenal of information, the teacher has a pretty good idea of your wants, needs and lacks before even meeting you.

The undivided attention of the teacher

That means more opportunity to engage in real communication, more feedback and more understanding of your needs and gaps in knowledge.

More control over the class

Students can decide the aim of each class, the pace, the materials and ask for as much information, error correction and feedback as they want, without having to worry about other students.

Your teacher as a resource

Teacher and student can develop a real and productive working relationship with each other and this is more engaging for both parts. Also, the student can use the teacher as a resource and ask questions, model language and practise skill.

More of every skill

In an hour of 1-2-1, you will speak more, read more, write more and listen more than you would in a 3 or 4 hour group class. Thus your improvement is a lot faster in less time.

skype lessons

Now one of THE best technological innovations of our time, one that has given us easier access and ability to connect with people around the globe, has also impacted the way private lessons are taught. Skype!

Skype is a game changer. It revolutionised the way the world interacts and as long as there is a good internet connection, communication via Skype is almost like having the person in the same room! And how has that got anything to do with learning languages you ask? Well, learning a language requires the ability to see, listen, write, interact and read and all those can be done through Skype. It is as effective as a face to face lesson and I dare say it is often better. And here is why.

It is more convenient

With the pressures we find ourselves under nowadays, travelling somewhere – be it commuting or flying –  may well stop us from learning a language. With Skype, you cut the travel time and you can learn from the convenience of your place of work or better, from the comfort of your home!

It is more interactive

Because you and your teacher are not face to face, the activities have to be more practical and interactive as your teacher cannot give you a bunch of worksheets. So a lot of the class will be verbal.

It can be more focused

Simply because you will probably be using a headphone, even the more distracted student or the one prone to daydream will remain more concentrated and focused on the task at hand. Your teacher voice will be more clear, as loud as your wish and that will potentially increase your listening skills and pronunciation level.

Last but not least…The winners of our Skype Competition!

To help us prepare for the launch of our SKYPE English lessons we have held a competition on our social media platforms. The prize was a free one to one lesson via Skype for 5 of our followers!

We are extremely happy to announce the winners:

-Francesca Bindelli

-Milla Kalliokoski

-Luis Fernando

-Sujin Lee

-Mitzi Jacinto Sandoval

Congratulations to the winners! You will be contacted by the Tti Team to organise your prize.

Skype lessons (1)

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