What are the best apps for International students living in London? We give you our top 5 survival apps for the Big Smoke!

The administration team at Tti have put together a list of what we believe to be the most useful apps for students arriving in London!

citymapperCity Mapper

London is big and if you’re not used to the public transport system, it can be confusing. Citymapper is the best transport app for London. With live tube, train and bus times, you’ll know exactly when to leave and how long it’s going to take. You can also use it to see the different routes depending on whether you take the car, bus, underground or bike you can even see if there any of the stations are closed or if there are delays.


This is the most practical and easiest way to get a taxi. You can see which is the nearest taxi to you and how long it is going to take to pick you up. You don’t have to pay cash in the taxi as the app allows you to pay  using your debit or credit card. This is a great app to use when you are out late and have missed the last train home!


Time Out app 

time outThere is always something interesting going on in London, so use this app to check out what is happening and where!

XEXE exchange

£8.99 plus £4.50 plus £19.99, so how much is that in my currency? Don’t struggle trying to calculate the exchange rate, let this app do it for you. With up to date exchange rates, you won’t have to spend ages deciding whether to buy something or not!




This app is perfect for those rainy days when you don’t want to leave the house!  With the Deliveroo app you can check local restaurants and order for your food to be delivered to your door! Bon appetite!



We hope you agree with our choices but if you do have any others to add to our list just let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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