The Careers Workshop at Tti

Our former student Andrea tells us about his experience in the Careers Workshop at Tti and explains the part it played in his professional journey here in London. Here’s Andrea’s story…


“I did the career workshop while studying at Tti last summer. I booked four one-hour sessions which happened over four weeks on a Thursday. The teacher helped me by giving me advice about how to write a CV in the UK job market (during which I discovered small but important differences with the Italian or European CV) and how to write a satisfactory cover letter.
It was very helpful, and the most beneficial thing for me was to learn good adjectives to use in a CV and to learn the right format of both a cover letter and CV. All the tips the teachers gave me were very important and useful. And the practice sessions of a job interview were crucial (in a positive sense!) for me.
It was successful for the goal that I had. At first, I applied for the position of assistant carer and I received 5 or 6 calls from the employers. Since then, I have been successful in 3-4 interviews after which they offered me the job and after consideration, I choose the best one for me. It was the position for which I was preparing my applications. I got the job 2 days after I had finished my 6 weeks General English course at Tti. I had started looking for a job in London as soon as I had got a British phone number, NIN, opening a UK bank account, and in my specific case getting the DBS check requested for working with vulnerable people.

Since November 2019 my dream to work in the tourism industry became true and I started my Job as night concierge in a big hotel in central London. Now I’m very happy because I have the opportunity to meet dozens of different people every day, some of them are really nice, some a bit rude! But it’s a very good opportunity to practise my English, Spanish and sometimes French. I hope this experience will give me the chance to work in different hotels or resorts around the world in the future.”

Our Career Workshop runs every Thursday at 16:30pm. You can find out more about it here.

Thanks so much to Andrea for this blog!

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