The FCE & CAE Diaries – Part 2 – Autumn Session 2015

We have asked ocambridge englishur current FCE & CAE classes to keep a weekly diary of their Cambridge exam preparation courses here at Tti.  They are  really delving deeper into the ins and outs of these Cambridge exams!  Here Taka talks about his Speaking mock exam and Lina talks about writing reports and the new vocabulary she is learning in class. 

Week of October 12th 2015

FCE Diary….

Hello! I’m Taka who is taking the FCE with great teachers and wonderful classmates. This week we did a lot of things which included grammar, idioms, vocabulary expressions and more!

I think the main thing we did this week was we took a mock exam on Wednesday . The purpose of doing this was that we could see a whole exam to time ourselves identify individual weaknesses and get used to the exam. After that I felt disappointed since I personally found it difficult to do the reading part . However, I know I’ll improve. We are only in the second week . The more we practise , the more we will get used to it.

One funny thing is that when we were discussing the spacing part. Maryam told us “Why are you guys all looking at me? You’re in the conversation so you have to look at your partner! ” Then my Italian partner who is Rafaelle said to her “Because you are so beautiful”

We are diligent but we are also having so much fun. It was brilliant for me this week! I hope we will keep going and our English will improve more and more .

CAE Diary ….

Hello It’s me Lina. One of the students from the CAE course. After our first week we were excited to know what will happen in our second week. We started with a new chapter which includes learning about different life experiences. It’s been a tough week but we have learned so much. I feel I have improved my English greatly over the past two weeks . On Tuesday our Teacher told us that we are going to have a mock exam on Wednesday. We were a little bit nervous (I was..). After a lot of exams we were happy that we got no homework for the first time since the course began.

Thursday we got a new student ! She came from the FCE course to our class. IT’s very nice because now we are 4 students and I’m no the only female student in my class anymore. Our interesting lessons and hard learning continued with arnica and helpful teachers. I don’t always see eye to eye with my partner , Lucas but it’s normal because we have a fun competition  going on to see who gets the answers right. We learned about the structure of reports and a lot of new vocabulary , fixed expressions and  we did articles  and relative clauses.

What I really love about our class is we are small and we can help each other and the teachers can focus on our individual needs.

Huge thanks to Taka from Japan & Lina from Switzerland for writing the Cambridge diaries  this week!

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