What happened on the FCE & CAE Course this week? (Part 3)

Each week we’ve asked our Cambridge students to document their experience on Tti’s 8 week Cambridge courses!Here we hear from Emilie from Germany and Jose from Spain! 

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FCE Diary by Jose from Spain

It is incredible how fast time flies. A sense of disquiet invaded me last Friday when on my way home I realised that we had completed 3 weeks in the blink of an eye and I would be taking a difficult exam five weeks later. Anyway , this week has really been intensive as we whenever all the papers of the exam. Our teachers stepped on the gas pedal and we had to study harder. In fact the homework has taken over from having fun most afternoons. Well, at least in my case.

On the other hand we’re all delighted of having two brilliant teachers. Bother Helena and Maryam have managed to engage us in the course and we never get bored in their classes. However, the most remarkable thing happened this week ! It has certainly been an unexpected event Taka has finally had his hair done. He looks like a teenager now and we hope he doesn’t need to show his passport to enter in the pubs!

Taka’s new hair & Sheril his classmate!

All in all a nice week!

CAE Diary by Emilie from Germany 

Hello ,

My name is Emilie and I am an 18 year old student from Hamburg , Germany. Last week was my third week at Tti School of English here in Kentish Town. For the past week and a half I’ve been taking the CAE course . Our teachers are Mayram and Helena, they are both very good teachers. We always have fun because we’re only four students. * Lukas , Lina , Fabian and me) But as we are such a small group we work very intensively. I ama always very grateful foor our small breaks during the lessons.

This week we’ve been working a lot on grammar like future tenses , modals and the difference between borrow vs. lend. Also we talked about what o structure an essay properly. In order to practise, we had to write 2 essays with 220 – 260 words . As help we created some spider grams but they really help you to organise your text.

Maybe I should have created  a spider gram before I wrote this blog article! It could have been better organised. I hope my next blog article will be better organised. During the course I feel I have really improved all my skills, I know I still have to work hard and have a long way to go but I’m positive I will achieve my goals.

Net week we will have another mock exam , so keep your fingers crossed that it won’t be too hard!

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