The IELTS Course – a student view

One of our long-term students Adel, made the decision to take the IELTS course after a few weeks of attending the General English course here at Tti. We interviewed him to ask about this decision.



Hello, Adel. Tell us, what made you choose the IELTS course?

I want to continue my studies in England. This means that I must join a Foundation Course before going on to university to study Biomedical Science

Now that you’ve experienced both General English and the IELTS, what would say were the main differences between the two?

General English as the name says, was more general and had a bit of everything, and lots of speaking. IELTS is more academic, specific and challenging.

Did you find one easier than the other?

Yes,  General English was definitely easier.


Did you find one more enjoyable than the other?

General English was more fun, not so serious and I didn’t feel the pressure so much. There were lots of fun activities, games and outings.

Who would you recommend the IELTS course to?

1 -For people who need to improve their skills faster with more focus – IELTS is very serious and hard and you definitely improve your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills faster. I’m so much better at writing and speaking after the IELTS course.

2- For people that need it for their future studies and work

What’s your final impression of the IELTS course?

I feel more confident when I communicate with people, and confident with my writing and reading. I really enjoyed the course because of the quick progress I made, but sometimes I wish I was again in General English, just for a week or two to have some fun while learning, because the IELTS was serious stuff!


Would you like to know more about the IELTS course? Visit our Exam Preparation page at our website: 

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